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And now for something completely different.

*naked man on piano* No, not that. The children are home. And speaking of my awesome daughter... Heh. For those of you who have Half Price Bookstores in your area, EVERYTHING is 20% off all day today. SCORE. #2 and I went to find some treasures and boy, did we. (Oh em gee, I totally have the Flowers in the Attic series and I am going to CHEESE HEAVEN. But why were they labeled horror? Because of the writing? Because of incest? Hmmm.) Reasons why #2 rocks:

In the kids' section, she pulls out Caldecott winner after Caldecott winner and tells me how much she "admires" that author and all the other books they've written, and can tell me all of the different illustrators she loves, etc. *beams* A shopgirl was shelving books near us and, after several minutes of my daughter telling me all of her favorite books and authors, beamed and nodded at me. We picked up some Jules Verne for The Boy, and he's happily traveling 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea right now. (How many of you are saying that like Phil Hartman? Hahaha.) Emily has some pretty books with great artwork that she's flipping through (not to mention a COOL pop up book on Prehistoric Sharks) and #2 is trucking through Madeline L'Engle.

And yes, their mother is reading cheesy pulp fiction about a brother and sister who fall in love. Ha. OH! And I purchased a steam cleaner today and I am SO EXCITED about cleaning my carpets. Which means the world is coming to an end. But new toys, wheeeee!!! *steam cleans our SOULS*

Oh, confidential to TBQ: your Caitlin books should be there today or this weekend. YAY!! Feel better! And Jan 2 is This Life +10, YAY!!! And tomorrow is the FNL marathon on Bravo, double YAY!!

Happy Friday, everyone!! If I don't post, have a fun (AND SAFE, omg DO NOT DRIVE IF YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING, or I will SPANK you and not in the fun way) NEW YEARS!
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