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Where I say "except" a bunch.

I think today is a muffin day. As in, I will make them and eat many. And they will be honey and bran with raisins. And grated carrots. Maybe molasses. And I will sit and read today, yea verily.

Except not until I clean up the cat puke, THANKS, DARTHANNE. Blech.

Sally's off getting her heartworms eradicated today, and won't be home until tomorrow (and then no more doggy walks for three weeks!) so my house is very quiet and strange.

I've been playing with my new mp3 player, a Samsung thingamabob that also picks up XM satellite, cool! Except you have to activate XM before you can put songs on it. Boo. Except I found some dudes online that showed me how to get around it. Woot! ALSO: I found a site that converts files for free!!!! Have one of those audio files that won't play? Here you go. Sweeeeeeet.

Tonight is the start of the new TV eps for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, yay! I have a request for my UK friends: IF YOU HAVE A COPY OF THIS LIFE +10, I WILL BE GRATEFUL TO THOSE WHO WILL SHARE! I stayed up ridiculously late last night looking for torrents, and the torrent makers have failed me! Anyone? Bueller?
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