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Links! Praise to the Friend!

So I have this awesome flist, did you know? I do. One person in PARTICULAR is so awesome, I can barely contain my joy. My friend "A" uploaded "This Life +10" for me (she didn't even know what it WAS) AND is hosting it on her server for all of my friends to share!!  I mean, COME ON!  That's just the coolest.  And since her bandwidth is exponential, SPREAD THE WORD!  If you know someone who wants it, share the link.  It won't be around for long, so get it while you can.  (I'm making a torrent later this week and hosting that, so it'll be around somehow.)  It's 750 mb, so be prepared.  And tell my friend "A" how great she is!!  THIS IS THE NEW AND TESTED FILE THAT WORKS.

Friday Night Lights

Okay, are you KIDDING ME??  Matt?!  Oh, Matt, Matt with your dad who doesn't love you enough to want to be home, who wants to shirk his responsibility to his family because it's EASIER IN IRAQ.  He gets to take orders and not be in charge, and when he's home, he has a son he has to pay attention to, and a mother that's losing it.  And Matt, who so desperately wants to not be in charge (he's 16!  16!!) is PAYING RENT.  Caring for his grandmother.  Going to school.  Getting good grades.  Oh, Matt.  I was so glad he missed that big pass in the game, too. 

JULIE.  Julie aching for him, but being a kid, she doesn't know how to make it better other than wanting him "to not go away."  Matt sitting in the backyard toying with his hoodie while Coach tried to build him up.  There's something there with Coach Taylor's dad, agreed?  No?

And LANDRY!  There needs to be more Landry in every show, because the kid is so damn funny.  I've said it before, I'll say it again: he's the poor man's homelier Matt Damon.  I LOVED that he read TIm his homework reading.  The whole thing!  And then his reaction to Tim, "You just read a book about two best friends who have a TRAGEDY take away their dreams, and you don't have ANYTHING that can relate to it?"  (Who wants to bet that Tim thinks he's Lennie, and agrees that he's slow and HATES IT?)  And now I'm all ashamed I didn't make the Steinbeck comparison, myself.  They even start out the same!!  And Lennie has a "love of soft things?"  And kills them on accident?  (True, Tim's not a murderer, but the metaphorical interpretation stands.)  Oh, and Tim wants "George" (Jason) to kill him.  To end him, because it's a KINDNESS.  And Of Mice And Men is a vicious cycle, you can't get out of it, and HELLO SMALL RUN DOWN TOWN.  GAH!!!

Don't tell me this show isn't clever or good.  I won't believe you.  It's NOT about football and Jesus.  It's about a small town where there's .... football and Jesus.  And a whole hell of a lot more. 

And again, Connie (Coach Taylor's wife) continues to be awesome.  I love her smartassed, "I'll just clean up the rest of this, huh?"  And fuming until she hears his new potential job, and she's all over the love of her man.  That woman is hot, too.  I want to look like that, Jeez.
And tonight's The Office, and 30 Rock, and SCRUBS!!  Also, my Sally VonSchtupp comes back from the vet today and is going to be a sick pup, and I miss her!!!  Her leetle bed is all readies with toys and her "baby" (a squeaky duck) and a blankie and I WANT MY PUP.   (Also, is Seamagic dildoes for everyone, too?  Wtf?)

And hahahaha, David Cross.  I miss The Show.
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