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I think I'm being spammy.  I'm posting a lot, huh?  All under a cut tag it goes!

The Office

How is it that this show gets better and better every episode?  Oh, that's right.  Because it's awesome.  I talked with my sister on the phone about this show, and we both couldn't think of a SINGLE TV show where every single character was a gem.  Every one!  I've never gotten bored or eye-rolly about any character on this show.

Pam crying in the hallway broke my heart.  I love that she helped Jim because she cares about him.  I love with a fiery passion that Dwight looked like he was taking his coat off for HER and then tied it around his waist.  Ha ha.  "PMSing pretty bad, huh?"  Hogod, I love that asshole.  (And you know he's done this for Angela and she's slapped him and then they've-  Hee!)

Oh, MICHAEL.  I think almost everyone who's ever had a job has sent an email they wished they didn't.  I've done it and the FEAR, oh god the fear.  Nothing to THAT level, but sheesh.  Poor Michael outside in the snow playing his two notes, trying to hold on as long as he can to that Island Feeling before he gets fired, or whatever.  And then JAN!!  With the wanting and the face-clawing kiss, haha!  Dammit I love this show.  "You complete me."  I...  *weak smile*  "Oh god."

And TOBY!  "Skeevy pervert."  Then Toby got all serious, which is always funny because he's SO BEATEN DOWN.  "I got forwarded this by nine people, including my ex-wife."  Hahahaha.

Roy made me very happy with his joke about their failed honeymoon, and Pam!  Pam wants to be happy.  She wants to laugh and have fun, and that's why I love that character.  (But I love the UST even more.)

30 Rock

Seriously, are you not watching this?  This show is so well constructed with the ha has and the laughing and the characters...  There were a lot of great Kenneth the Page moments.  Ha, the Psycho references!! "Did you get your Hallowe'en decorations I sent you?"  "I sure did, Mama.  I love my crazy looking skeleton!  I've got the best mama in the whole world!"  "Okay, then.  Calm down honey."  "Yes, Mama."

I love how old school this sitcom is, but with great layers of pop culture references and funny characters.  Rachel Dratch as the animal wrangler continues to be a fantastic and funny cameo role.  Chris Parnell - I'm glad he's working.  He plays a great straight man that's messed up and doesn't realize it. Dr. Spiceman.  (Spuh-chee-man)  "I have to clarify that I can't personally help you conceive.  I had a scuba diving accident and-"

GOOD NIGHT FOR COMEDY, PEOPLE.  (Scrubs was excellent, too.  Dr. Cox as House!  Ahahaha.  I love it when the doctors of Sacred Heart reference medical dramas on TV.  Hee!)

Sally Von Shtupp

We picked up Sally Von Shtupp from the clinic yesterday and we were SO HAPPY to be a family again, awww.  She was all wiggle tail and surreptitious licks to the kids' faces at the vet's.  She's acting a little sheepish (you know how dogs look guilty?  Like that.) but not SICK.  Which is making it hard to keep her STILL.  She has to be still for 30 days.  And... I thought she'd act sicker.  I may have to buy a kennel, which I'm not fond of, honestly.  Not to put down those of you that have crates for your pets, I've just never had the need for one because I'm home during the day.

I will say that taking her to "the bathroom" on her leash makes that chore go by faster, so that's a bonus.  And it's probably mean to say that I'm looking forward to walking without a pooch so I can swing my arms.  :)  I'm back up to 7 miles a day, and holding one arm stiffly was a bit much for over an hour.

It's cold and gloomy and I'm passing off a child to the in-laws for a sleepover later, so my numbers will be reduced by 1 at home which means - reading in my cave, day!  Off to print a mess of fics and ENJOY myself with my poochie by my side, hurrah!  (They don't back to school until the 9th!  What the hell, school???)
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