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In which LJ saves my neck

I've been very stressed for several days as there's been a mixup at the Master Gardening HQ about the hours I've turned in for the 2006 year.  (We have to maintain x # of hours both in re-education and volunteer time to maintain our status)  They had me short by 6 hours, which would make me ineligible, and NO LONGER a Master Gardener.  For those that know me, you know that's a huge thing for me.  *clutches chest*

I BLOGGED FROM THE OFFICE THE DAY THEY DIDN'T HAVE A RECORD.  Boo-yah.  Let's hear it for recording IPs, etc.  Now I just have to wait to hear from the board, and I should be fine for this upcoming year.  *Whew*  Considering the HUNDREDS of hours I put in 2005 (not to mention being the best editor for their monthly magazine *polishes nails* according to a poll taken) I would like to think they wouldn't boot me over being short a few measly hours.

And you can expect a few more posts about gardening in the upcoming future.  I'm working on bringing my old gardening blog back, which will increase my education hours, etc.  As always, I'll cut-text long posts, because I'm all about an efficient flist experience.  (There will be a searchable data base, an index to back up my statements, and an open forum for questions from the public)

WHEW.  Guys, I've been HEARTBROKEN about this.  I know, I'm the oldest 34 year old ever.  *knits shawls and eats cat food*  Haha.
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