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Come home, Snoopy, come home


You need to leave New Orleans. Tonight. I don't care about your job. The storm surge is expected to be 13 feet, not to mention the high winds, and HEY! They don't even bury people underground there. Wanna know why? Because New Orleans is BELOW sea level. You dig a hole and it fills up with water. Wanna bet the whole town will look like that by tomorrow night?

Schools have been closed today. Federal buildings are currently sending people home to PACK. Not just to stay there, but to PACK and LEAVE. Remember 5 years ago when you were stuck in the tropical storm outside of Houston? How you had to stay in your car and watch the water rise and couldn't drive anywhere because everyone was fleeing at the same time? Let's not repeat that, shall we?

So, there is a Southwest flight leaving every hour on the half hour to DFW. Let's get your sweet little ass on one, 'kay?

That is all.
Love, your wife.
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