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My ex-husband wasn't a horse, but he *was* a Jackass

Still. Can't. Stop. The wank is too good. BUT MY BRAIN NEEDS A CLEANSING. So. I wonder if anyone out there is also having problems with YSI lately? Like... I can't even get the page to load. I'm trying to upload all of my character playlists for the fandom at large again, and it's STOPPING ME. I'll make a masterlist when I get them all up - I've replaced some files, etc., to address the "My player won't play this song, boo" comments I've gotten in the past.

I'm looking at diving in to a new fandom and man, I may be the only person out of HIGH SCHOOL in it, which makes me not want to be involved. And it's crazy, because the show is actually incredibly clever and designed for people in my age group (early 30s) who grew up with the musical influences the show's characters are based on. Yes, I'm talking about Metalocalypse, and dammit! It's FUNNY and clever and the music is really REALLY well done. (Beth, Tiff: the guitarist is CLEAN. So, so good. And then you realize it's Kirk Hammett from Metallica, and you nod your head.)

So... back to this new fandom. #1, the fic tends to have NO SPACES when posted. There are fanfic warnings like: omg i wrote this while insomniac. (uh... That word. I do not think it means what you think it means.) There is immediate woobiefication. Of HEAVY METAL ROCKERS. Who kill and maim (inadvertently, sure) and rock harder than has ever been rocked before. And um... the show is a COMEDY. It's tongue in cheek about being Goth and Metal and Brutal. So the dark fic is ... well, it's cracking my shit up, in a bad!fic sort of way. And it's not even over the top enough to be Cream of Cum or District of Vagina bad. Man, those were good times, that bad!fic. *sniffs in memory*

Yeah, yeah, you write because you want to write, end of story. Well, I'm not going to lie and say that I don't like feedback, because my momma didn't raise no liar. Well, she did, but then, she's a crack whore. And I feel very strongly about getting more people into this show, so here's episode 2, where they write a heavy metal album for fish. Because fish don't have any metal. Episode 2 - Dethwater, Episode 15 - Religionklokwhere Murderface looks beyond himself. The whole Church of Satan bit is so damn funny. And the season finale Episode 20 - The Metalocalypse Has Begun, which may have the best concert every realized and put into animation. :D Haha, my husband and I say every time we watch it that we would TOTALLY sign a pain waver to attend that concert. both are 100 MB on MegaUp because YSI is wonky.

Has anyone had this problem before? Like, you love something enough to write fic, then you realize you're floating alone in a sea of crap? I'm looking at you Neville Longbottom/Professor McGonagal shippers out there. Hahaha.
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