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Monster Playlist post, part 1

I've had a few requests over the past few months to upload all of the character playlists I've made. Not to mention the complaints about some song formats, etc. warranted a new upload, imo. So here we go.

[ETA]: This is for fans of the show and music lovers. Don't be shy. :)

Note to folks who weren't around in 2004 when I took on this project, I asked for people to give me one word, and I'd make them a CD based on it. It started with "Fred." These are all characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel: The Series. They're all songs I would listen to, and they tell the character's story arc on the show. If you have your own playlist, great! That's super. I'm not changing mine. :) (With the exception of a few song changes I've made, heh. Note 2: on Buffy Disc 2: I took out the acoustical version of Elbow's Fugitive Motel and put in a better version. I'm much happier with how it sounds.)

Note 3: files are either .wma or .mp3. If you need them to be in a different format (I'm partial to .mp4, myself) you can CONVERT YOUR OWN FILES. I love this tool. Very simple to use.

All files are on YSI. There are 200 dls per link, so don't waste it! If they run out, I'll try to re-up, but I can't promise anything. Life, she calls. :)

Fred First off, the playlist/notes are here. Disc [1]

Faith Playlist/notes are here. Disc [1] [2] [3]

Buffy Playlist/notes are here. Disc [1] [2] [3] [4]

Song I would add if it didn't have voice over in it: Happy Metal World Rainbow by Dethklok. That is GLORY, y'all. Ahaha. (But Pickles the drummer espouses how drunk he is, so...) The harmonizing of "munuh munuh, muh muh muh muhnuh nuh is especially lovely. *cracks up* "I can't wait to be brutal... I can't wait to wield an axe covered in blood!"

Connor Playlist/notes are here. Disc [1]* new 1/15 [2]

(This and "Faith" are probably my favorites. I listen to them routinely in my player.)

Two songs I would add if it didn't screw up the tone of this list: All Things Dull And Ugly by Monty Python, and Dethday by Dethklok. Ahaha. It's PERFECT. Except for how it's a parody (but the song tewtally kicks ass.)

Next up: Spike/Angel, Spike/Xander, Wesley. And that's it for the character playlists. :)

It's AWESOME to hear back from people who have a) downloaded and b) who want to talk about music. So. You know. Feel free. :D I'm going to be writing Rusty Cuyler going to Hogwarts today. The crack - she's calling. Have a lovely day!
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