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Look at that painted up whore!

Golden Globes, how I love your pageantry. The red carpet. How I cringe when someone makes a fool of themselves. I physically left the room when Helen Mirren (good lord, may I look that good when I'm 63. Hell, when I'm 43!) stood up and her dress was unbuttoned in the back. Can't. Witness. People. Making a fool of themselves. (Can we kill the period between each word now?) And are you all seeing how HOT Sasha Baron Cohen is??? That is why I loved Da Ali G. The INTRO with him naked. I'm shameless.

There will be a second post today of fic, so you've been warned. :D Also, I'm installing a color coordinated journaling system for my exercise/food intake logging system.

GREEN means I've walked/exercised more than 45 minutes. #4ab050
RED means I've walked/exercised less than 45 minutes. #ba211d
PINK means I ate my minimum of 5 veggies a day. #ff80c0
YELLOW means I had my fiber intake for the day. #ffff00 (what? you want BROWN?)
ORANGE means I didn't eat four hours before bedtime. ##ff7f00
PURPLE means I got at least 7 hours of sleep. #800080
BLUE means I had at least three 8oz glasses of water for the day. #48a4ff

I will randomly highlight sentences/words outside of a cut with those colors to indicate what I've accomplished. This way, I hope to be able to look at the Calendar View and see a rainbow of colors to show I'm being good to myself. :)

Dorky and lame, but I'm a visual learner. I figure this is an unobtrusive way to keep up with my health, and not trigger anyone who isn't meeting their goals, etc.

Feel free to adopt this system for yourself. I ganked it from our local paper.

Mr. S is leaving straight from his current project for Switzerland this weekend. While I'm excited about getting a new watch (har) and delicious chocolates, we'll miss him here at the home front. He'll be gone for two weeks. All hail google chat. Last night we made a poster for Emily, who is the Star Student for Kindergarten. We had to find pictures of her and write captions on a poster board so she can talk about herself (zomg, best award EVAH hahaha) to her class. We found a picture of Crawford (aka Cancer Kitty) and she BURST into tears. Literally wracked with sobs, my wee one. :( Aww, little kids and their love of animals. We chose a sweet picture of him as a kitten gnawing on a corn cob (he had weird eating habits) so she could talk about her friend to her classmates.

...I almost let her take one of the cats to school to get her to stop crying. :) This morning she kissed all of the animals on the head and let them know she'd be talking about them. She's also taking ehr shark profile book. It's a silhouette of all of the sharks - she can identify EVERY SHARK by its SHAPE. Dude. Her favorite is the Great White, natch.

AND I HAVE MY HOUSE ALL TO MYSELF AGAIN TODAY, WHEEEEEEEEE! (school holidays are HARD when the kids can't go outside.) My Scrubs fic was recced recently at rec_room and that was very gratifying to see. It's the little things that make a day start off great. *sends you all little things to make YOUR day splendiferous*
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