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So I had to run to the grocery store and get sundries.  Got home, unpacking said sundries and my $5 bean dip isn't there.  "5 dollars?  For bean dip?"  It's Martin and Lewis all the way, baby.  I head back to the store and the checkout girl (who is Miss Cult of Personality, believe me) is staring into nothingness.  I approach her and ask if she found my bean dip after I left.  Without saying a word, or breaking her stare, she reaches behind her back and pulls out a bag containing my bean dip.  I said, "thank you," and she mutters "uh huh," and goes back to staring.  At nothing.  Sucks to work at Kroger's I guess.

This leads me to a list of pet peeves, the biggest being at the top.

1. Feet shufflers.  Pick up your goddamn feet, you lazy sack of shit.  This includes my 7 year old daughter.  Ahhhh!!!!!

2. Mouth breathers.  If you're sick?  You get a pass.  You have an open mouth because you are just dim-witted?  NOSE!!  You're letting flies in, Flodene.

3. Bad posture causing your sleeves to hang over your knuckles.  Purposely.  Just, fix it, m'kay?

4. Bad service.  I was a waiter for 5 years in a high volume joint.  I know it's hard work.  And I tip BIG, because I know how hard it is.  But get a drink to a table in a minute.  There are no exceptions.  you can ask the busers - then tip them later in the evening for watching your ass.

5. When people say "supposUBly."  Ditto on "irregardless."

6. When folks don't get the hint that it's time to go.  Like when my husband comes out in his robe and is brushing his teeth.  And they still don't leave.  (True story.)

7. People who THRIVE on chaos and drama.  You know the types.  Hell, I WAS that type.  I like normalcy, good conversations, and relaxation.  I don't need The Young and The Restless type activity in my life.
8. Courtney Love.  She makes me kinda sick.
 Ditto for Wynona Ryder.  Can't act, has a nasal voice...  Bleh.  I know I'm alone on that one, BTW.

9. Lists.  And the people who make them.



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Sep. 14th, 2004 11:45 am (UTC)
mmm bean dip
you stupid list-maker! we hate yer kind 'round here! lol.

KROGER! YAY! my friend's cousin came from colorado to visit once. he had never seen a kroger. he pronounced it like roger with a k. hahaha.

i agree with everything on your list. but you can't forget the tippy-toe walkers. put your heel down, dammit!
Sep. 14th, 2004 01:20 pm (UTC)
Re: mmm bean dip
What the hell is up with those walkers? What do they have in their lives to be so goddamn bouncy for??? Hee.

Seriously: www.desertpepper.com and buy a CASE of spicy black bean dip. It's fat free and gives you poopies!
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 14th, 2004 01:21 pm (UTC)
Yes they do and they should be stopped. Honest to god, here is something my aunt said once (she's a hillbilly)
"He don't never bring me no nothing."

4 negatives in that whopper! If we do the math/english conversion, they all cross each other out and by elimination, he DOES do things for her.
Sep. 14th, 2004 08:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Yes.
jesus christ, i HATE multiple negatives! how the hell do people do that? didn't they go to school? or, you know, a good school?

i am also wondering about S.N.I.F.F. is it as cool as S.P.E.W.?
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