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Oh, Thursdays. How I love you.

The Office

Holy crap, so many funny lines. Angela's despair over Dwight not being there. I love that she's nice when he's not there. Now that Dwight's back, I bet she goes back to her old ways with Oscar & co.

"Congratulations, Universe. You win."
"He's up in my bidness. Which is ebonics for in my space and annoying the bejeezus out of me."
"I can't understand how someone can have so little self-awareness."
"He's a strong personality, and I'm a strong personality. When two people like that get together, it can be explosive." Ahahaha, oh, Phyllis.
"Wanna play a prank on Andy?" "Not right now, ask me in 10 years ago." "I liked it when you were a temp." "Me, too."
"I will literally be standing here if you need anything." AHAHAHA. I have WORKED with that guy. Still creepy.
"Your gayness is not what defines you. Your Mexican-ness is what defines you to me." Heeeee! The lack of PC dialogue is what makes this show SO GREAT.

Michael realizing how important Dwight actually was, his burgeoning hatred of Andy (and seriously, I'm ready for that character to go. It's gone far enough, imo. OR HAS IT? Yeah... I think it has.) I'm not even going to touch on the Jim/Pam/Karen issues, because I'd rather that take a LOT longer to play out. Or not happen at all and the ache stay. Because that's good storytelling. :)


Are you KIDDING me?? With the gay musical? I'd seen two of the songs on YouTube prior to the airing, but it worked. Dr. Cox's song for why he hates JD was a thing of beauty. And I'll be singing "Guy Love" all day today, which is a good thing. I'm going to miss this show when it goes off the air...

"We're closer together than man and wife"
"That's why our matching bracelets say Turk and JD!"

And this interview with the creator of Scrubs is AMAZING. I love this guy. Smart, smart, smart. <-- ganked from sdwolfpup's LJ post today.

30 Rock

"This television stuff is just one predictable ass ache."
"Your appetizers tonight are boxes of pure oxygen infused with saffron and white truffle oil." [Tall blonde model type: "Oooh!"]

If you are not watching this show, I'm just disappointed. I'm not angry, just.... disappointed. :D But Stoney, you might say, I don't like most sit-coms. Me neither! But Stoney, again with the speaking to me, I don't like laughing because I make jagged cuts on my arms when I laugh instead of clean down the street and up the highway. You should wipe off that goth makeup, put away your Anne Rice books and AFI albums (seriously?) and LAUGH. It's good medicine.

So clever and witty, and there's no winking or mincing for the cameras, no laugh tracks, no pandering to the audience. It's just FUNNY. And random. Remember a little show called Arrested Development? Okay, 30 Rock isn't as deeply layered as that show, but it's as close as you're going to get on TV today. I re-watched the scene with Kenneth (still my favorite character) cleaning Brian William's office before Brian got back from the liquor store and laughed at all the in-jokes going on in the background. And that's what makes this show so clever: all the crazy stuff goes on in the background. Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is a FANTASTIC Everyman. But for smart women. I love her.

Last week's "skit" with Paris Hilton doing a bear, and Liz's line, "the bear has to look like he wants to bone her." Ahaha.

And the guy that played The Hair? Yowza. Who was THAT? because seriously, tall sassy guys with dark hair and shoulders that don't quit are my thing. The show has such a classic "New York" feel to it. It has an old time pacing - like the Dick Van Dyke show, but the frenetic stuff in the background makes the pace seem faster. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

In non-tv related news, today is the day we re-start Emily's vaccinations (Anne? After months of searching, it's official. The old office LOST her entire medical history. BAFFLING.) so I've promised her ice cream after the appointment, as she's terrified on needles. :( The kids have a sleep over tonight and I'm ECSTATIC to have a night to myself. There may be movies and dinner involved. Yes, for one, but what can you do? Mr. S better bring me a NICE WATCH back from Geneva. And a riiiiiiicola horn. Haha. I would truly sit on my front porch and blow that thing. No I wouldn't. Yes I would.

I'm also amazed at how the time of the day in which I post to my lj affects interaction. I'm just being a nerd with my spreadsheet, is all. *pushes glasses up nose* And though some of you mocked my color-coded chart for tracking health/fitness, I've dropped three pounds this week, woot!

Have a WONDERFUL Friday and weekend!!
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