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Spam yes. HOWEVER.

I don't know if I mentioned that Mr. S and I bought a store back in October - a clothing store.  We did so that my sister - who has managed it for years - could one day take over and have it all to herself, because she's awesome at making the place hip, cool, and filled with things of awesome.  (Those of you who have her friended knew about her crazy former boss, etc.)

She's in the process of getting the website up with merchandise, etc.  and you can see it here.  Hip, hip, hip.  But great things I love, and I'm fashion trend retarded.  You can email her (on the site) for purchases outside of the DFW area, so really, what are you waiting for?  Make an honest woman of my sis!  She's in the process of adding pics right now, so bookmark the site and visit often!

*beams with pride*

(although I do wish there was less grey.  THERE.  I've said it. Sorry, Beth.  It's your site, so I'm holding my peace now.)
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