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A post not involving squid-fic

ROME. Rome Rome Rome. Are you watching yet? On your list to watch? IT SHOULD BE, if not.

OCTAVIAN. Good hell, that kid makes the show so wonderful. Mostly because I know what's going to happen historically, and it's wonderful to see this intelligent and RUTHLESS kid get started politically. And MARC ANTONY. Good hell part deaux. #1, he should be naked in every episode, because James Purefoy is gorgeous. #2, the FIGHT with him and Octavian?? I put my knitting down and COVERED MY MOUTH the whole time. Just raw and real and oh my god he was PUNCHING THE CHILD'S FACE and good hell part tres! Oh, Atia with the letting it happen!!

And who came to his rescue with love and worry? Dear sister. It's not helping that I'm reading a series of books about incest. A crappy series about incest, yes. But still. Haha.

Question: did Pullo refer to Vorenus as HIS LOVE? Because my mind broke, sorry. I need a rewatch to process all the Pullo/Vorenus/Marc Antony moments. And... where's that fic? :D

I'll be sad to see the actor playing Octavian go, but they've done a good job of giving him an out with the leaving the city. I cannot WAIT for next week. (And I'm spoiled by the DVDs with the popup information. I want to know some of the background info while I watch, like with the first season.)

McTabby has posted the next round of Summary Executions, and good LORD. Re: the summary about the woman with 12 kids... I wonder what the other 9 children are named? (ba-dum-bum-ching!) And I'm BOOGELING *snerk* over: "I follow the styles of Miguel de Cervantes and Mario Puzo." HOWLING with laughter. Because of the sentences that preceded that one.

In other news, my dog is apparently IN LOVE with bubble baths (Anne! Your post made me remember this!) and I took a luxurious soak this weekend and I had to HOLD SALLY BACK (TWICE!) to keep her from jumping in with me! The first time, I think she was just panicked. "Must rescue woman who feeds me!" The second time, I think she just wanted a tubby. Dog hair + bubbles + naked me = NO, PLEASE. She's having a VERY HARD TIME being still - one more week after this one before she's given the all clear - and is trying desperately to get some exercise. I don't think bathtub swimming qualifies as exercise, but as a NUISANCE. :D

I'm enjoying walking without a leash connected to 70s pounds of Hundfleisch, however. And now the wind has died down enough that I can go outside and not hate the world, huzzah! *plays Rocky theme music*
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