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Recs and other forms of love

Ha. I just found a note on my desk from #2 signed "Sallycat Fluffington." I don't know if it's a nom de plume, or if she's becoming a furry. Dear god, let it be the first one. Today two people that I love are having birthdays!! My boy (11 - 11!!!) and Lee, aka southernbangel! Happiest of days, Lee, and I hope you got your ice cream cake. You're my favoritest douchemonkey ever.

Random Recs to fics you may not have read, but you should:
Sparrow/Norrington, "The Starless Night" set in Dead Man's Chest by floweringjudas and she gets what makes them such an interesting pairing: SNARK. Mean, cruel, dark, and BRIMMING with UST. (She also writes AMAZING Percy Weasley, which... no, seriously.)

How about some Blackcest? "The Time You Were Born" Sirius/Regulus from Harry Potter, and just TRUST ME. Short, hard hitting, and v v intriguing. by slasheuse

I think most of you on my flist that are interested in the Office (US) fandom know these girls are writing an AU S2 filled with loads of Pam/Jim sex, but it bears repeating: warning_labels is FANTASTIC. I owe feedback to the last installment. I have one quibble, and that's a wish that each chapter linked to the next chapter at the bottom, but here's [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] and [6] for you. The authors are kyrafic, obsession_inc, annakovsky and honey_wheeler. All four of these authors write fantastic fics on their own. This together is... good hell, it's practically canon.

I dug up my entire front flower bed yesterday and I'm crippled today. Send Motrin. Send Demerol. Send... a Swedish masseuse and a Barry White CD. :D [ETA] I missed CJ's birthday! Happy (belated) birthday luvsxander!
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