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Say, a band I mentioned a while back (and put on the Connor CD Mix) was on Veronica Mars last night! When Daddy Mars drove up next to Sheriff Lamb? This is what Lamb was rocking to: Golden Dogs - Yeah! I love that song.

Our pretty snow has turned into yucky sleet. But I have marshmallows (there is no E in that word, people, auuuugh) for hot cocoa. Sally got to go for a walk today for the first time in a month and OH MY GOD SHE WAS ALL WIGGLES AND LEAPS. I could use an arm massage, jeeeez.

I'm trying to make up jacked-up stuff about rockers lives while reading about things they've actually done. And... you can't make that shit up. Nikki Sixx getting beaten with a baseball bat while dying of an OD in a trashcan - the DAY AFTER HE WAS DECLARED DEAD from an OD? You... you can't top that. Not even Ozzy can top that.

...I'm thinking I need coffee with cocoa mixed in. AND MARSHMALLOWS oh my god. Gimmie a cat and a book and a blanket and my life will be PERFECT. Because tonight is: FNL and Top Chef finale. OH! OH!! For those of you watching Top Chef, I swear to god: Sam is a rough, street version of Jim Halpert from The Office. LOOK AT THEM SIDE BY SIDE!!


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