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Pimps and recs

First off, I just screamed "I've had it!!!" to my son at the top of my lungs, and noticed the window was open.  I am a shitty mom.  Fuck it.  He was acting like a brat and my head hurts.

My day: traffic, errands, waiting in Dr's office, traffic, took pics for a new website, stuck using 'rents computer, my dad is an idiot that screws his PC up daily, traffic, homework.  Whoopie!!  There will be drinks TONIGHT.

Now on to the goods: My friend SangueUK  has written what I think is one of the better Connor stories ever.  Including the actual show.  The latest chapter has some sweet M/M loving.  Please leave her lots of feedback.  She's a bit of a solitary soul, but should be traveling the world and writing about it for Granta.  I love her and you will too!

I am a hard core Rn/Hr shipper.  Cuz their luv is sew PUR!!  However.  There is a fantastic story thatis wonderfully written and makes me feel like I am 17 and making out for the first time with the hottest Jew in my school *sigh* and is just really well written.  Go here: and leave ResistResist lots of feedback.  She's currently out of pocket due to Hurricane Ivan, but has almost all of it written and heading to the beta as I type.  If you aren't into most HP fics, this isn't most fics.  Just a great story and characterization.

Now it's time to grill some chicken and veggies and get started on my Wednesday night buzz.  Whee!  I'm a responsible adult!


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