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Hump Day, but not in the fun way

  • get Rx re-filled
  • take Sally for check-up 9:20
  • take Sally for looooooong walk okay, it was medium, so go again later
  • get milk (no "got milk" jokes please. I'm talking to myself here. Can you hear me now? Good.)
  • get snacks for Em's class - no peanuts because parents are soft and weird and make up food allergies
  • clean dog bed - phew
  • price those Chinese Fringe Flower shrubs - 5 gallon and a blue point juniper
  • get 40 lbs. compost/dig out last of the ugly shrubs
  • write those two WiPs and quit dicking around
  • remember: that one needs loads more violence

So there's this one fandom I quasi-participate in, I say quasi because I only write fic there and comment rarely. Because they are FUGGIN' IRRITATING, those people. Like, I want to brain 98% of the fandom participants. V young, v much with chips on their shoulders, and most cannot spell half the words in a sentence to save their lives. And the "elite" in the fandom are just as bad, except think they're the aws0me0rzz because they were "first." So why do I stick around? I have no idea. Oh, because I love the source material, which is quite clever, hence the boggling by me at who's into this stuff. I just wish some grownups belonged over there.

There was a fic posted last night that everyone was oohing and ahhing over ("I want to be you as a writer when I grow up, omg eleventy numbers exclamation points") and it was... I mean, it was okay. It was very amatuerish. As in, "Dialogue of being saidness," Person verb adverbed. "More continued dialogue in simple terms." Every. Single. Sentence. There was a reminder of hair color so you knew who was who. "The blonde replied becomingly." That sort of thing. For pages!!

And... this fandom has potential for daaaaaark fic. Which, yay! But I really REALLY want to refer these girls to luvsphoenix so they can get how to write BDSM with any semblance of realism, because they obviously have only watched Cinemax porn, or something. I'm pretty vanilla, but I know how a piss-gag works. WOW. Good morning, everyone! :D I dun no. There was a good fic about getting piercings, and the sexual rush from that the other day that was pretty right on. I mean, it was mediocre, but the writer obviously knew what she was talking about, so that made the piercing part really good. The sex part was just... meh. I don't know. I think you have to work harder to sell me on these people boning each other.

It's like coming across a Neville Longbottom/Draco Malfoy fic where they are laying on the grass playing with each other's hair and sharing their dreams. It's like... how did they get to that point? Because... (And ahaha, now I want that story to read.) Bah.

Veronica Mars is... Well, let's just say I keep forgetting it's on. I'm ready for things to amp up over there. Hmmm. Now, time to hit that list. Aaaaaaaaaaand break! *clap*
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