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"I lived!" --Agnes Gooch

So Mr. S surprised me with a weekend away at a hotel. Let me preface this with the following disclaimer:

We haven't celebrated our anniversary in about five years or Valentine's in about four because we are quasi-lame. (read: without babysitters or he's out of town on business.) I feel it important to justify why I deserve things because my neurosis can hog-tie your neurosis. Hah.

We dropped the kids off at his folks' house and headed to the new W downtown, which I was very paranoid about, because it's where the hip congregate currently. I am anything but hip as of late. And when I say Dallas hip I mean tall, blonde, thin, dressed to the nines and attitude. Yep, that's me. *eyeroll* Oh, I had also just come back from a 7 mile walk with the dog and was exercise-stinky and dirty. And we left, him promising me a hot shower there (he had packed my bag for me.) O_O I practically crawled into his back-pocket while we checked in, trying to hide from The Pretty People. The good thing was the head turns I got from the concierge when I came back downstairs after cleaning up. No, I don't normally have stinky pits and mud-caked running shoes with a ballcap over my ponytail. (Okay, yes I do. But they don't need to know that, hahaha.)

I'm beginning to ramble, so let me bullet point this:

  • cocktails at their bar, where I began sipping Nectar On Ice (champagne- Moët - with half a fresh peach squeezed into the glass. Holy YUM.)
  • taxi'd off to Fuse, which is a Texan/Japanese fusion joint and... oh my god. We had for starters brisket potstickers. Good LORD, food should not be that tasty. I'm as shocked as you are reading that.
  • Jess: don't read this bullet point! Foie Gras "sushi" which basically was foie gras over formed rice. Perfect. I've had it once before, and this was even creamier and better than at The Mansion. Just... don't think about what it is. Fan-freaking-tastic.
  • A red snapper with lemon grass and a habañero sauce
  • dessert was - okay, I could have bathed in it. French toast with pecans, a brandy-fried banana, hazelnut ice cream, and brandy caramel sauce drizzled over all of this. Not one bite left.
  • tried out the "Cool Bar" at the W - The Ghost Bar. Um, yeah. I'm just really really REALLY not into hip clubs anymore. Not even a little bit. Everyone standing around hoping to be noticed, the music was really lame - it was "retro" and ... I'm sorry, but early 90s isn't retro. "Stacy Q" isn't hip, no matter how you slice it. The waitresses are hired for their bodies and faces and I was done after one drink. Pretty views of the city, but meh.
  • one problem we had was a wedding party that got out of control. A bunch of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were staying on our floor and started a fight at 5am. They'd been getting louder and louder from 2am on. I threw on a robe at 5 and stomped into the hallway and asked them to shut it up, and security guards were pinning unruly guys to the floor. WOW. There's a memory for the scrapbook. How embarrassing for the bride and groom.
  • we woke up, brushed our teeth, and got in-room massages. Okay, that is TOTALLY the way to get a massage. I haven't had one in years, and she commented on how tense I was, and how she could tell I don't pamper myself* (*obligatory justification) You get all loosened up then roll back into bed. YES. Yes, please.
  • Brunch, back home, and a three hour nap. THANK. YOU.

I feel like a bon vivant. "And they stepped on the ball. Well, it was just ghastly!" [/clenched jaw] Fifty points to those who get that reference. Oooh, and moosesal? If you're still up for doing the 3-Day with me, we are TOTALLY staying here the night after it's over and getting massages. YES. I would like that, thanks. :D

I love the W. Excellent staff that really takes care of anything you could think of, comfortable and cool rooms, and their own soundtrack. It's very mellow background electronica, but it's just great to smooth out to. So I upped their latest CD and made cover art to share. Slap some cucumbers on your eyes, coat your face in a mud mask and mellow out.

(I've never made cover art before, and I'm not the artist in the family so. Go easy. :D)
Here's the zip file. Let me know if it runs out. And hey - let me know if you're taking it so I can keep track of who's awesome. Hahaha.

I've been so scatter-brained that I've been forgetting all sorts of important things. My brain has been like a ball of tangled yarn. My 'getting-divorced' friend and I spent Friday together, and after crying and getting enraged on her behalf for several hours, I really REALLY needed the downtime. (Crap! Brandi! I forgot to call you. See??? Gah, I suck all over.)

I have a most important question: chocolate chocolate chip muffins? Or healthy bran muffins? OR BOTH? *taps chin* Also, I need an idea to write. *hunts for one*

[ETA] I missed The Police last night!! Stewart Copeland - UNGH. (It's the high hat, y'all. Mmmmm)
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