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Fic Recs!

Oh, man, do I have some fic for you. From the "tee hee" to the "I'll be in my bunk variety." Pay no attention to the fandom or pairings. Pay attention to the deft writing. Srsly.

From entrenous88 comes a Gunn/Xander fic. No, wait! See, I think Gunn is as manly a man that ever manned. I'm not really a Xander slasher, either. So if you're like me, just...TRUST ME. This is dialogue you'd kill to be able to write. Hilarious and rather chaste. Did I mention dialogue to die for? Stake Out. (I need to just say how much I love the idea of an actual stake out. The buddy cop concept is one of my faves.)

From floweringjudas is another HP fic. We all know that fandom is insane. So I'll sift through the crazy and bring you absolutely terrific plot and porn. Laura is TIGHT with her storytelling, y'all. Dark, adult, incest, backstory as to why factions despised each other really . Severus, Regulus, Sirius. Sisyphus

From moosesal comes one of the raunchiest, naughtiest fics I've read. I have no idea who these people are. Trust me when I say I don't care. Het. Fisting. Good lord the smut. Such A Sweet Pussy. And good morning with that title! It's... about a cat. :D (In the words of Steve Martin: that cat was the best fuck I ever had.)

From slasheuse is more Regulus/Sirius, and really. I know. Incest Is Wrong. Holy crap, is it hot in fic. I mean wrong! Wrong. Sophie is ridiculously good at getting the nuances between siblings. Warning: Regulus is 14 at the time of this fic, and this is pure hatecest. O_O Pride.

Oh, hey! You probably need a palette cleanser of humor, right? Possibly some crack with a helping of crossover? Good thing I wrote two such things yesterday. (And again -I don't DO crossovers. Except for how I did.) Anakin Skywalker and Angel arguing over who has the worst love life while sitting in Sacred Heart (AtS/SW/Scrubs) and Charles Gunn and Chris Turk discussing their bosses, J.D. POV (AtS/Scrubs) (I prefer the second one, personally.)

I've got two more prompts I'm working on - because crack is fun. And cherusha wrote PotC!! I'll be on that like white on rice later. She can write snark like nobody's business, and her drunken Jack Sparrow is gleefully debauched. \o/
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