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Happy Day of Love! Or, may you survive this horrid, made-up holiday. Take your pick.

Hahaha. I've had this day be both, so I've put Valentines for each option under the cut - you pick which one suits your needs today. (And thanks to entrenous88, southernbangel and marenfic for my e-cards! Hee hee!! They were both ADORABLE.

My Heart Beats For You, Valentine! Or how about a jawbreaker? (_insert obligatory guy-joke here_)

Seriously, what am I looking at, there? That COULDN'T be something you sent to express your love... Unless you were in NAMBLA, the Upton-Upon-Sinclair chapter.
And this one is actually really cute. But still. Most Celie Dion lovin' chicks wouldn't be happy getting this, I think:

Emily and I made her Valentines for her class last night. Since the Kindergarten teachers wanted things to run smoothly, we were instructed to not put individual children's names on the cards, just a" to: my friend" type address. I sit Emily down to do just that, and she writes "To: Everyone." I asked her why she did that, and she said the principal had said on the intercom earlier that Valentines was for everyone, meaning, don't be little punks and only give to your friends. Awww. That's cute. Now write it like mommy said. *cracks whip* Hahaha.

I'm off to help mmy friend move into her new place *cough* and then back to post some more of those prompts. Dude, it's amazingly simple to cross Scrubs with Jossverse. Hahaha. Janitor & Spike up next, then Lorne meets the Worthless Peons. WHEEEE!! Oh, crack. Be my Valentine FOREVER. *loads pipe*

HAVE A LOVELY DAY, MY FLIST!! *hugs and kisses you all. Except for you. You know why - you get the groping, rawr*
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