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Friday Night Lights. One of the BEST dramas on network television PERIOD.

Dude. DUDE!! I stood up and clutched my pillow when those sheriffs pulled the bus over. Um, did you notice how Mac basically pointed out that his daddy was a Klansman? Um... I may need to rewatch that, but basically, yeah. And how it was hard to shake that stuff because it was everywhere?

And those two deputies wanted to fucking LYNCH SMASH. Or beat the holy tar out of him. (I'm still shaking from a SHOW) Ooooh, if Brian told his mama what happened, that woman would start praying to Jesus and never let that boy out of her sight again, I bet you. And godblessit, I want that Smash Mama to be MY mama, because she is smart, she loves her babies, and she could put the fear of god into anyone.)

I lvoe that Mac stood them down, because you KNOW they thought he would be on their side. And that fat summbitch did the right and scary thing, and MAN ALIVE. Ooh, Laws.

I still say Dillon, TX is based on an East Texas town, not West Texas (because of the majority of black kids vs. the COMPLETE LACK OF HISPANICS, que?

LANDRY. I loved every minute of him tonight. TIM RIGGINS: ditto. JULIE/MATT. Whatever, they're teens and immature and in love and I love that he bought her the necklace and asked her and was in his tights and cleats and she was waiting with a blanket around her shoulder because YES. Yes all of that, mm hmm.

I'm continually bored by Jason/Lyla, and need that to pick up some pace, however. Coach and Tami are still the best parents/couple on TV and I want to be Tami when I grow up, or at least kind of look like her, rawr. COACH.

This SHOW, y'all!!

God dammit, I have to wait too long for football to come back. Shit.

This post brought to you by the Foundation For Waiting for Husbands To Not Be Snowed in 1500 miles Away, Inc.

(And huge HUGE thanks to a2zmom and romanyq for the virtual gifts! Awww! That is just SO sweet, and thank you isn't enough. SMOOOOOCH! I tried leaving comments on y'all's ljs, but LJ blocked me, bah! Much love and smooches to you both.)
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