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What is the DEAL with every. single. season having a slump for several eps and then BAM! It gets all fast paced and interesting towards the end? The following is SO SPOILERY that not only am I cutting it, I'm using Invisio-Text (hit CTRL + A to read) to protect the innocent!

LAMB. Sheriff Lamb, oh the smart-assed, super creepy LAMB. Dead. Pushing up daisies. He doth cease to be. I can honestly say I did NOT see that coming, but as I don't follow spoilers, watch the promos, etc... But being dead doesn't mean much, right? I think there's more there with him and we'll get some big reveal as the episodes go on. I mean, they brought back Madison, and let's not forget those two swapping spit in an elevator.

And good for Keith for being upset at getting his old job back. I did love him correcting the Dean's wife: "SHERIFF Mars." I love that Keith didn't burn any bridges. That Keith is relentless in his pursuit of justice. I love me some Daddy Mars.

I thought the scavenger hunt looked like a lot of fun, and it was great to see Logan do something other than pine in his own filth for a change. (And... I like Blonde Roommate - I can't remember her name, gah - and Logan together. What? I do! Plus, it makes room for Veronica and Piz, and I like me some Piz. I'd also like Veronica to be on her own without a man, too.) Logan's smile as he snapped a picture of Veronica in jail was great. He's getting his snark back, and THAT'S what we like to see. (I'm mourning the absence of Dick in this ep, as well as Piz.)

MAC. Oh, I like seeing her giggly and sure of herself. I think her boyfriend has something hidden, though. Hahaha, I don't trust ANYONE on this show, aside from Daddy mars, and I'm still waiting for more info on the Keith/Charisma Carpenter-arc. (Seriously, what's up with the Fitzpatricks? That was a cool story line!)

Just last week there were complaints about how non-ensemble this show has become. It's just been VM interacting with one or two people, and being pretty insensitive and OOC. Well, this ep. moved back closer to the original feel of the series, for me. WALLACE! Oh, he needed to be there more, but how great was his quip to Lamb? Hahahaha.

"I know you from somewhere..."
"Yeah, you told me to go see the Wizard and ask for some guts."
"Well, did you?"
"Yeah,he said to tell you that you're the only Sheriff in America that he considers a true friend of Dorothy."

I wonder how long that was in the works? Ha.

VM doing push ups with her tattoo on her arm, hahaha. Her teacher is moving beyond creepy to me, and I love how her dad was angling to be her new mentor, hee!

I don't want to be spoiled for anything to come. I just want to enjoy the show, especially if the pace is going to start amping up like it did in this one.


All I know is that tonight's Friday Night Lights may break my brain, if the promos can be trusted. I want to nibble on Matt Saracen's lower lip and make that stutter more pronounced, rawr. Haha.
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