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Thursday Night: Still Comedy's Best Night

Side note #1: all former a_list_celebs members please check out the_tree_fort's latest post if you haven't already. *bites lip* Side note #2, my head is still full of concrete. My #2 informed me last night that the new kids they've been playing with all week (at my house - up until yesterday when I was afraid of getting THEM sick) have been... you guessed it. Sick. Thaaaaaaaaanks. Who sends their sick kids to play at someone's house? Oh, their mother? A horse. Wait, wrong complaint. A nurse. *hands*

The Office - 'Oh, good. You're awake.'

Simultaneously the most creepy. disturbing, and funny episode yet this season. I love that Karen totally got one (or many!) over on Jim, but I think that was NOT the right joke to play with him. He's an insecure guy when it comes to dating. (Okay, an even bigger turn on for me than drummers is basketball players. I mentioned husband #1 was 6'8", right? And could sink a 360 double handed dunk? Rawr.) Jim playing basketball - however brief - was FTW.

But let's talk about the STAR of this episode: DWIGHT. Oh my god, my jaw dropped open at least five times. WHY WAS HE IN THAT CHILD'S ROOM?!? That kid actor was hilarious, too. Just bugged and put off, not freaked out and scared, because that would have made that scene... too creepy. Oh, laws, Dwight swinging off the banister to test it! "I found some termites in a crawlspace. I'd say it was a good cocktail party." WOW.

MICHAEL SCOTT, good lord, that messed up BABY. "Dwight, that's.. you don't ask that. *beat* How much did this house cost?" I am not even going in to his arriving several hours early in order to "become closer friends" because I have had people that DO THAT. Like... Okay, that's all I'll say. O_O He and Jan are so deliciously jacked up, and his tears WORKED on her!! And... are we to believe from that bathroom scene that he's not a wild sex kitten? Is it that Jan gets to be in control and feel powerful because he's all squeamish? (I'm thinking of when Carol broke up with Michael, and he was lying on the floor behind Pam's desk and said something like, "maybe they broke up with you because there are things you won't do sexually." Maybe Micheal thinks cuddling and dry humping is sex, and Jan's relieved that she isn't being pawed at or something! DISCUSS.

Now for the most disturbing part: ROY. I totally gasped and went into a protective ball on my sofa when he got all belligerent with Pam about her kissing Jim. When his brother just walked up and started smashing the chair? WOW. That's... oh, Pammy (oh. And don't call me Pammy.) do not get back together with this yahoo! Is anyone else thinking that he got a little violent with Pam now? And maybe THAT'S why she couldn't break free of him? Am I projecting? i don't think so. The final scene with Roy sitting at the dumpster and saying, "I'm going to kill Jim Halpert." Oh lord. That's frightening. That's GOOD tv.

Toby! Spending all his time getting that stupid duck for Pam, who tells him to give it to his kid. Oh, TOBY. Pining for our Pam... What happened to the hottie at the wedding? Why didn't we see more of Meredith at the BAR? Creed's nonchalant explanation for his very young friends cracked me up, too. I liked Stanley having fun at the bar. How long until they stop with the repeats, now?? I'm going through withdrawals already.

I'm not feeling Scrubs this season - it's like they're all phoning it in, to be honest. I did like the line in the fantasy scene where JD calls Turk "Obi-Brown." So here: Have some The Todd in a banana hammock. (quasi-work safe) I do NOT, however, feel anything but love for 30 Rock, the best little comedy that none of you are watching!! WHY?!

30 Rock

Tracey Morgan was seriously underrated, mostly by me. I absolutely love him in this show. He clearly is smarter than he plays, has a lot of input with the writers of this show, and is HILARIOUS. Kenneth is still perfectly wonderful, and the Jack/Liz relationship makes me filled with glee. I like that the writers know about shippiness and play with that on the show. They are NOT getting together, and they mock that "will they/won't they" tv standby. "Jenna" getting oiled up and sliding all over that chair was funny - I'm surprised at how funny Jane Krazowski really is. She has good comic timing, and she and Tina Fey are great. But NO ONE is better than my beloved Rachel Dratch. I love that she's a regular on the show, yet she plays a different person in every episode. That's totally the job I'd want, too.

What's great about this show is the mix of old school sitcom with "the new funny" (ie: sarcastic acknowledgment of comedy) and all the slapstick. Tina Fey's aside to the producer when he says how surprised he was that Tina wrote a great show about being a proud American, "Just because I think gay people should be allowed to get married and support hybrid cars doesn't mean I don't love my country, because I do." Then the big smile and wink at the camera? Awesome. AND YEAH!

Frank's throwaway line re: sexiest women in comedy, "Where's Jackeè?" Hahaha. 227! Meeeeehreeehh. <-- maybe only funny to me and my sister.

The final scene with Tracy being "trapped" by the crowd of 15 people and him singing the song from "The Bodyguard" by Whitney Houston? And his entourage shows up and carries him away? Hahaha! In conclusion, I, too, am happy for Fat Balls at Cornell. HAHAHA - that makes me think of "Me, Myself, & Irene" and one of the funniest things ever said EVER: "Man, you gonna end up at Stanford with them slingblade motherfuckers." All that was missing from this episode was more Alec Baldwin.

This show is just consistently fun and smart. And silly. Which for me is an A++.

And I just sneezed so hard I scared the dog. Gehhhh. Send apple juice. And kitten slippers. Like, slippers made of fluffy kittens. I'll bungee cord them around my feet. Mmmm, purring on my toes. Acceptable substitute: long-haired guinea pigs. (that animal TEWTALLY has a blow out!) Also: this picture is like Spock is holding Darthanne! hahaha. *adds to mood theme*
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