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Oh, hey! I'm on a roll.

I sent in another letter to the editor about school vouchers, and they're printing it tomorrow. \o/ Snark phasers set to HIGH.

Original Letter From An Idiot

Re: "Vouchers are just welfare" by Beverly Rigsy and "PBS vital to democracy" Letters Feb. 14
It never ceases to amaze me that some people think that my taxes should be used to pay for PBS and public schools. But, should I want some of my taxes to pay for private schools or non-liberal TV, it is considered welfare and I am not entitled to it.

Vouchers are a way for me to get some of my tax funds back. I have paid for public schools to propagandize one of my kids and now am trying to limit it on the other.And if PBS is so necessary, it needs to stand on its own or be paid for by the people who want it.
~ [Name of jerkwad, My City]

My response:

[Name of Jerkwad], who despises the "liberal" PBS channel and its programming-- wait. What's liberal about PBS? Is it Masterpiece Theater? NOVA and that hog-wash Nature? Nope, must be Sesame Street, ooooh that's liberal stuff right there! With its letters and feelings and songs! They just let all those puppets PLAY together! And they're not the same color, and you know what I'm talking about there. (Personally, I'm a little iffy on that whole Bert and Ernie living situation.)

This response brought to you by the letters W, T and H.

~signed, my real name

"If PBS is so necessary, it needs to stand on its own, or be paid for by the people who want it." HEY! IT DOES! A small portion of government funding isn't making or breaking it, bub. They provide 15% of the CPB's funding. (Which translates to a larger portion for small towns. You know, where people who don't have a lot of money tend to be, and probably NEED free educational TV.)

Also, Arthur is a show about brown people. And Reading Rainbow? Mmm hmmm. It's all subterfuge for Gay Pride. That's how they getcha! EYE. ROLL.

PEOPLE. It is in YOUR BENEFIT to have an educated populace. As one wise woman said about her son to another woman (and I'll never forget) "I can train him up now, or he can be robbing you in five years."
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