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Things that make me say Yay!

  1. Mr. S has the week off due to his crazy-long hours the past few weeks, and it doesn't count as vacation time, YAY!
  2. Which means he'll be around this week to help me do honey-do chores, YAY!
  3. And maybe take me to lunch, YAY!
  4. I'm going to see the BFF this weekend and go ride her newest horse, Caroline, who apparently is "full of beans," YAY!
  5. I get to help design a garden for her new ranch in FLAHrida, YAY!
  6. Trip! YAYAYAYAYAY!!
  7. It's going to be 72 degrees today, YAY!
  8. chrisleeoctaves has a post about kinks, which means easy clicking for fics that are naw-TAY, aw-yeah, I mean, YAY! (which means you need to go link up your kinkiest fics, AHEM)
  9. A whole new week with no mistakes in it, YAY!!

Here's a pic of Caroline, the rescued SPCA horsey, after gaining some weight - she was underweight from "trough competition":

This is Doc's girlfriend. Doc is 26 long in the toof - even though he has hardly any left, and a Moste Sociabel Hors. He was lonely, so Chrissy (BFF) got him a girlfriend. Awww. They snorgle and walk together in the sunset, holding hooves and whicker at one another. BEEP! Apparently, she's not a good candidate for bareback - she's a former barrel racer, so she wants to HAUL ASS, so I'm going to have to get use to saddle riding again. I expect to come back Sunday night tea-legged tow-legged bow-legged Milligan. Or I could ride the old grandpa pony... OR BOTH. I'm so happy!! I've missed ol' Doc. He took my boy on his first horse-ride when The Boy was four months old. Heee!

Speaking of horses, Sally needs a' walkin'. She's full of beans today, too. *loves and squishes everyone EVER*

[ETA]: My Not-So Secret Boyfriend Will Ferrell on the Oscars last night. I LOVE HIS FLOOF. YAY!



Feb. 26th, 2007 05:27 pm (UTC)
All of Chrissy's pets have been rescued - she's the original Ellie Mae. (Except for how she was born after Beverly Hillbillies aired, but you take my meaning *g*)

I hope to take a bunch of pictures! Doc is a funny guy - he's losing his teeth (common with his age) so his tongue lolls out of one side, giving him a constant goofy expression. HEEEEEE!

SNOW? Oh, man, am I ever ready for Spring. My peach and pear trees have little fuzzy buds on them... CAN'T WAIT.


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