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I get to go on a field trip to Gunter's Greenhouse today with a Master Gardening buddy, yay! And then lunch at a place called "Chocolate Angel." I have high expectations. Also: I have NOT watched Heroes yet, so DO NOT SPOIL ME HERE. I'm avoiding all of your posts like the plague until I see it, thanks.

The following is brought to you by a series of quotes from "The Breakfast Club" with Mr. S this morning. I can't explain the randomness, either.

Why Wrestling Is Gay, Aside From The Obvious Spandex Costume

Terminology Used in The Sport:

  • pile-drive
  • jackhammer
  • bear hug
  • rear positioning
  • pain compliance (!!)
  • ground and pound
  • submission hold
  • Anaconda choke
  • harness (a hold that encircles the opponent's TORSO, usually diagonally)
  • half and full Nelson
  • rear naked choke
  • grappling
  • stand-up grappling or clinching
  • take downs
  • dominant positioning
  • mounting

Okay, But Really. The Costume
  1. It's called a singlet. ...aaaand is a COSTUME.
  2. They carry HANKIES (to stop blood, but still. HANKIES.)
  3. It exposes their nipples
  4. Two syllables: SPAN-DEX.
  5. they wax and oil their bodies
  6. The prize? flashy. gold. belts.

So! *claps hands and rubs* Who wants to write me some Rome fic with Pullo and Vorenus practicing some old school Greco-Roman Wrestling? :D
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