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So for those who are curious about my field trip and chocolate:

So there were no angels (although there was potential, more on that in a moment) and no chocolate to be found at Chocolate Angel, my lunch destination yesterday. There were a) many many ladies of the tea and doilies set hence the potential for angels (OH YES I DID.) There were also b) many sandwich and salad options and lots and lots of tea. I saw NO CHOCOLATE on the menu, which... time to rename your venue.

Lunch was: a grilled pimento, jalapeño and applewood bacon sandwich on sourdough which was FANTASTIC. Also, chicken salad, wee greens, and fresh strawberries. Again: NO CHOCOLATE at CHOCOLATE ANGEL. I liked a2zmom's thought process that expected a chocolate-coated David Boreanaz, because I would eat that. ON A STICK.

Field Trip: Gunter's Greenhouse, and he's a champion orchid grower. And he remembered us from the MG meeting in January and gave us a private tour of his hybridization garden. I know, I know, you don't care. I WAS LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE, oh my god. All the delicate babies!! *sighs happily*

You know how great it feels to come here on LJ and talk about your geekiest fandom ideas that you can't talk to your RL friends about? How good that feels to have people know how important it is to feel the same about Connor? (_insert your character choice here_) Joanne, my buddy, squeed publicly with me over the new growth and buds on bare stalks, because she gets how exciting flower potential is to me. Hahahaha. I am going to go knit several square-patterned afghans amongst my many cats now. Hee!

Gunter has a vanilla plant (it's an orchid, if you didn't know) and it was EIGHTY FEET LONG. You have to work hard to make it produce vanilla pods (nerd info: the flowers last for one day, and it's a host specific pollinator. Those bugs don't live here in Texas, so Gunter has to use a paint brush to catch the pollen and brush it onto the anthers to try and get it to produce the fruit. THAT is why vanilla is so expensive - labor intesive and low chance of production.) He is going to sell me a few feet of his vanilla plant when I get back from FLAHrida this weekend, EEEEEE!!! The roots were in a four inch pot. THE PLANT WAS EIGHTY FEET LONG. I took a picture on my camera phone, but it sucks. Here's a link to what they look like in the wild:

[ETA] Oooh, I think I got it so you can see:

To give you some perspective, the leaves are the length of my entire forearm. (!!!)

Okay., Nerd attack over.

Today I am going to finish ripping out all of the ugly shrubs (dwarf yaupon holly) in my front beds and replace them with Lorapetalums, aka Chinese Fringe Flower. I'll finish them out with Spanish lavender (Otto Quast), some annual bluebonnets and alyssum. All of my daylillies are poking their heads up out of the ground, as well as the lilies. YAY SPRING! Almost here....

So all of this outside time (it's been in the 70s all week and BLUE skies, ahhh) I've not done much of anything inside, and I want to write. I WANT TO LIIIIIIVE! Mr. S is off doing his own thing today, so I won't be glued to his side like Quatto. (two... three... four... *crickets*) Confidential to dancetomato and chrisleeoctaves: it's that baddirtywrong story. Be prepared to defriend me - it's... Well. Heh.

HELLO EVERYONE!!! February is almost over, it's almost MARCH which means warmer temps, sunnier days, pretty things popping up out of the ground, and TWITTERPATION! *buzzes like a bee around everyone*



Feb. 28th, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)
Ooooo. I want to grow vanilla orchids!

Of course, I'd have to employ gardners, because I'm nearly too lazy to see to my little herb patch (which is why our ginger has TAKEN OVER).
Feb. 28th, 2007 06:21 pm (UTC)
Ha!!! Apparently, if you have a humid, bright place in your house, you don't need to do much of anything with the plant. (unless you want the pods, then you have to do all the rigermarole with the brush, etc.)

GINGER! Oooh, isn't that flower the most wonderful scent? I'll take ALL OF IT off your hands. Or whatever you can bear to part with. :D


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