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Oktoberfest guide for the determined

As Oktober fest kicks off, I thought I'd post a few helpful phrases to ensure a good time had by all.

 Bsuffa (drunk), biesln (to urinate), schbeim (to vomit) and obandln (to flirt).

Also: Konnen Sie mit bitte helfen? (Can you help me, please?)  Ich mochte gerne schbeim.  (I'd like to vomit.)  Sprechen Sie langsamer, bitte, Ich bsuffa.  (Speak more slowly, please, I'm drunk.)

Have fun solipsae !

Also, I'd like to say how grossed out I am right now.  I was scratching DarthAnne's chin, felt some crust, imagined it was kitty food and it was DRIED BUNNY BLOOD.  I am not Jodie Foster!  Stop killing to prove your love for me!!!

And, in praise of my husband who works for The Man, we have free tickets to the symphony to hear them perform The Lord Of The Rings.  Woot!  The Dallas Symphony is fantastic, and the performance hall is one of the best in the world.  I am excited to get dressed up and have fun.  Two more weeks...

Tomorrow I am volunteering for the Master Gardener association at a huge outdoor showcase, so it should be interesting.  I am totally joking.  I'll be bored, no one will come talk to us, because people don't like working in their gardens.  That's what lawn services are for.  Sigh.  But, I get to wear my cool badge, and who doesn't like wearing a badge??

Everyone have a terrific weekend.  Do it.  And write nice long posts about all of your illicit activities because Mr. Stoney is heading back to NOLA.  Waaaaahhhh!

And last chance to learn German:     Ich hatte gerne ein Bier, bitte.  (I'd like a beer please.)  Bitte zeigen Sie mir auf dieser Karte wo ich bin.  (Please show me on this map where I am.)  Es tut mir sehr leid.  Er war sehr ungezogen.  (I am very sorry.  He was very naughty.)  Kann ich bitte die Druse sehen? (May I see your Gland please?)  Mir ist schwindlig.  (I am dizzy.)  Tschus!  (informal good-bye.)

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