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I'm in a terrific mood, even though I slept weird. Intensely detailed dreams, back pain (oy - planted a peach tree and almost too late!) and excitement for Spring. What? Some people get excited about Spring, it's a thing...? :D Also, we had Balloonists overhead all weekend! There's a balloonery (we have no idea what it's called when a bunch of hot air balloon enthusiasts get together, so we chose Balloonery, hee!) near our house, so seeing them off in the distance isn't unusual. But these were DIRECTLY OVER HEAD!! Like, skimming (almost) rooftops!!

I took these from my car's window as I was heading home from the grocery store, but trust me: objects in picture are CLOSER than they appear. I could see the "balloonists?" waving at me and smiling, that's how close they were!


Also, I've been looking for a brand of curry that comes in ready to go blocks for about TEN YEARS, I kid you not, and finally FINALLY found it in Little India (a neighborhood of Botswanans here in DFW - I kid. They're Guatemalans. HA.) and bought all I could. It makes the BEST curry sauce, and it's no fuss! (Apparently I should have had an easier time finding this - believe me, I KNOW.) And warning: hot is FLAMING. And I'd like to think I know from hot. Medium hot is something my kids can eat. So I made a curry last night with sweet potatoes and onions and carrots and chicken over barley, because we're trying to eat healthier. NUM. I'm going to use some to make dal later this week. I LOVE FOOD, zomg.

I'm going to use Invisiotext for the Rome spoilers, since this is embedded in a post about lots of other things. Hit CTRL + A to read.

OKAY. OCTAVIAN. I fucking love him so much. Oh my GOD with the love of hurting people for his sexual pleasure? And his new "wife" obviously A OK with that? *bites knuckle* And MARC ANTONY AND OCTAVIAN. Was it just me, or were Octavian's eyes watering from sexual pleasure at being choked? And do you get the implications of him being turned on by beatings? "She set her lover to beating me!" WHERE IS THE FIC, PEOPLE. Where.

Oh, VORENUS. He made me choke up last night. He really has become that which he despises, huh? And him begging Antony... Basically, I'd like some fic with Octavian and Pullo and Marc Antony and VOrenus, then someone rings a bell and they all swap partners. Pullo losing his wife... I mean, I knew it was coming, but it made me sad and it made me HAAAAAATE Gaia. Oooh, she's fun. Pulo biting out a TONGUE! My husband said last night: "How would you get the tongue? He'd had to lick it or- " Then he turned red and I laughed because YEAH.

Basically, I'm very sad this show is almost over - I love it.

End Spoilers.

Also, i firmly believe that Pullo looks like a Roman version of Henry Rollins. Check it out:

See? Mmmmm, Henry. Whatever, I freaking love that weird, angry man. BLACK FLAG! lml ^_^ lml

And last, but not least, I have music!

Here's a Monday Mix of fun music, some new, some a few years old - ALL GOOD! Some dl'ded from my flist, some from searching the web. I believe in sharing. :D

  • One More With Feeling - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly (best band name ever)
  • She Is - The Fray
  • Shoot The Runner - Kasabian (bonus for this being from Friday Night Lights - WHICH WAS SHOOTING HERE YESTERDAY. The season finale! And they wanted locals to come to the stadium for filming, but I didn't go because... I didn't want to be spoiled. :( Oh, and they wanted a 10 hour commitment. YIPES.)
  • Dashboard - Modest Mouse (from their new album!)
  • For The Actor - Mates of State
  • Wraith Pinned To The Mist - Of Montreal
  • I'm Not In Love - 10cc (hee hee!)
  • Supermassive Blackhole - Muse (man, I'm loving this song today.)

And so I prepare for library trips, wheee! Happy Monday! ETA Oh my GOD. Richard Jeni! Just.. not what I expected to read today, that's for sure. RIP - his funny Jaws 4 bit. :(
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