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I noticed today that there have been these slow trickles of defriending (and seriously, I'm not bothered by that sort of thing) and I'll assume it's because a) I'm crude b) I'm not posting content you want to read and/or c) this is not the journal you were looking for. *jedi mind wipe* So I'll just put it out there: I won't care if you need to leave. If you're just hanging on, hoping to slink away some distant day, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'll cut my wrists, sure, but I'll be fine. *bites lip* I'm probably not going to ever ever change (just ask my parents) so if you're unhappy with my LJ on your flist, no harm, no foul. :D

*claps hands* Now that's out of the way... I had my friend Alison's kids over for the day and I am worn out. Did I send her home with tired, cranky, sugar-filled children? Everything but the sugar part, for I am croo-elle. (Hey - the rule was: eat your lunch, and we bake cookies later. They didn't eat their lunches, so... *hands*)

They are sweet kids, just a bit whiny (they're used to that working on their worn-out mother.) I finally coaxed the little one (nickname: "Breezy." I defy you to come up with a cuter name for a curly-haired tow-head!) onto the trampoline, and boy, did I wear those chubby little legs out. Hence the cranky. They'll pass out for their mama, which was my plan. :D My #2 is going to be in high demand in a few short years as a babysitter. She's so damn funny and responsible. <3 The Boy was very sweet and loving to Breezy - he's always wanted a little brother, and I think he likes how the little dude hangs on his every word. D'aww.

We watched "The Last Unicorn" which was a tad too long for the under 5 set, but at the end *SPOILER ALERT - ha ha* when the unicorns are revealed to be the foam on the sea, Kate (their older girl, and Emily's best friend) stood up with her hands in the air like \o/ and squealed, "there they are! I see them, oh I see them!" and absolutely GLOWED. Heeeee! *claps hands like we need to save Tinkerbell!!*

Then we talked about how Spring comes when unicorns walk through a place, so we debated where the unicorns passed down our street, because clearly Spring is springing. Then we played "Crack the Egg" for an hour on the trampoline.

You know, I'll be the first to admit that I don't tend to like other people's kids. They are usually whiny, petulant, bad mannered, and that's just the parents! [/rimshot] But, I LOVE these kids. They're so ready to be playful and silly. I can't understand a child that can't be silly. Well, most adults I can't understand for the same reason, either.

Now if someone could just get me to stop quoting Chistopher Lee: "I knew... you were... the LAAAAAAST!" that would be great.

ETA I forgot to add the whole reason I wanted to post: my MOTHER IN LAW. She called (and why must she always sound so SHOCKED that the phone works? (I have caller ID) "Hi, MiL." "Oh, Laura?" In a voice that sounds like she was trapped in a cave and someone switched on a torch. And it's every. Single. Time. she uses the phone. "Oh? Oh!" GAH - after all these years don't you know the phone has a voice at the other end when you Hulk-smash the numbers?! Anyway, she called to tell me I may or may not be invited to dinner at her house tomorrow. I KID YOU NOT. I may... OR MAY NOT be. Because she's not sure if it will be okay with my husband's brother, who is up for a short visit. *eye roll* Let's just hope it's "may not" and save some trouble, okay? What is WRONG with this woman? I've got her on senility check. *points peace sign towards her face, touches my eyes with the same, points back*

A final note to tell all of you out there needing hugs and love and peace and quiet time: I've been thinking about each one of you, and hoping you'll find some happiness soon. I'm not always good about elbowing in to people's journals and forcing sugar on you, but just know I'm hoping things are okay. Much love to you all!
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