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My husband promised me a "treat" if I knocked off a bunch of our honey-do list, so I didn't stop yesterday until 10pm cleaning, fixing, repairing, lugging and I am WORN OUT. Still. Also, I came this close to taking a sledge hammer to my smoke detector in my bedroom because it would not. stop. beeping. Problem: I have vaulted ceilings in my bedroom. So I have to lug the 20 foot ladder into the bedroom to reach the damn thing. THREE NEW BATTERIES in it (one at a time) before I could find one the Almighty Detector would accept. GAH. Two hours later? The gameroom detector started beeping. *cries* You know, AFTER I put the ladder away.

But today I get to purchase new comfy patio furniture, HURRAH! (And my bathroom is painted, and the other bathroom has been touched up from splooges, and the floors cleaned the oven scrubbed and... Basically it was a "no more wire hangers!" kind of cleaning frenzy.) And I got a new rocking chair yesterday, got it all put together and I have had my morning coffee and paper read in the cool sunrise. *bliss* Mr. S leaves tomorrow night for Amsterdam, so I've got my fingers crossed on him smuggling back hookers and hash for me! :D Did you know that Anne Frank's chestnut tree is being torn down? :( They've taken grafts so they can replant one in the correct spot. I felt so sad when I read that. I loved her descriptions of her tree. Mr. S is going to visit it and take pictures for me, aww! After he's had hookers and hash, I'm sure.

I had deep thoughts on Tyrone Brown leaving prison last night (oh my gosh, I teared up seeing his family en masse waiting for him outside the gates. The BUS DRIVER started crying!) but I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the injustice. (For those that may not know, Tyrone Brown, 17, held up a guy coming out of a bar for 2 dollars. He went to jail, got paroled, was busted for smoking pot and received LIFE IN PRISON. Meanwhile, the judge that sentenced Brown let a wealthy and connected white man who MURDERED someone off with NO parole and no prison time. JUST... WHAT. :o)

The person he robbed of $2 is a former co-worker of mine, and Bill (the robbee) has been outraged at Brown's treatment, and protesting his life sentence (Bill's a really nice guy, and a complete redneck, which is funny to me.) I mean, if the "victim" thinks you're being treated unfairly, come on! But Tyrone is home now with a large support system to keep him on the right track, and the locals here are not letting up on the asshole judge that gave him life in prison while letting a rich white man off for MURDER. The judge in question has been voted out of office, so you know. BAH. Such injustice.

In other news, Sonic now has a banana cream pie shake. ( should mention it has weechunks of banana AND nilla wafers in it. !!!!)
Poll #947917 Deliciousness in my mouth, zomg

After lunch I should:

go get one of these, or maybe four
avoid that like the plague - get something else! (I'll tell you in comments)
go get one of those, then go to Herbie's (our local ice cream shop) and get a black cherry shake!
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