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You there, boy on the street! What day is it?

It's Wednes- FRIDAY! It's FRIDAY! [/Dethklok]

1. I'm rocking out like the Gopher to "Any Way You Want It." Whoo and a hoo.
2. I come with music of my own (to share) namely, Let Down, a Radiohead cover by Off The Beat that is REALLY GOOD - like, it makes me very very happy. (Most Radiohead covers are not good.)
3. And also with No Surprises, a second Radiohead cover by Amanda Rogers. These covers work because they aren't trying to BE Radiohead. Which is why most of them suck. [/Simon Cowell-esque]
4. Toxic, a Britney Spears cover by Nickel Creek, hahaha! They make this song AWESOME.
5. Mr. S is back from Amsterdam and he brought me back clogs, but they're FUZZY HOUSE SHOES. And they're hilarious and soft and squishy. YAY.
6. I posted that Boarding School Fic I've been talking about last night at a weird time, so for those of you that were interested, it's right here.
7. I need to figure out how to make a fountain/water feature for my garden today, and buy a new camera to show you how gorgeous the colors are that are coming up. Eeee! SPRING.
8. Some fics of interest, as they are not getting the fb they should: ladycat777's Percy fic, and brandil's FNL threesome fic. I have a lot of fics tagged at my del.ic.ious page that I'll be getting to this weekend, as well, HURRAH.

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