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Hogod and i love my icon sooo much

so drunk. I am so drunk. Okay, just a bit.

I had to backspace over almost every word, so I'd say I'm pretty sauced. I busted my ass all day in the garden making new beds, rearranging things, moving large flagstones (like MASSIVE stones) and I am now drinking caparenas? caparenyas? I don't fucking know, but they are Brazillian mojitos basically and tjhey have mint from my garden and I freaking love my garden.

I LOVE IT. It makes me happy, and when people comment with 'oh your so boring when you talk about gardening, where's the bad!fic?' I want to shake them because what? SCROLL BITCHES. But they're not bitches, they just have opinions.

This drink is soooo good, and Mr. S is almost done with his shower and I love him almost as much as my garden, hahaha. I've been bad on LJ - not commenting and stuff, but I've been reading. I have some really good friends out here, you know? There are some folks that I'm just amazed to be friends with because of how much I love them - Jess, Lee, Dovil... That's just for starters. Crap, people will be upset for not being mentioned. but I love Laura and Sophie and many many more and I hope all of your SAturdays are well, for mine is near perfection.

Also, I met a neighbor that will drink with me, ha ha! And her children don't know who Jesus is either, and that is no small feat in my neighborhood. Um, not that Jesus is bad, or something, because I quite liked the man. Just - we aren't church people.

holy fuck, i don't think i'm making sense. I have a dirty movie to watch and a man to hug upon. Love to you all. Seriously! LOVE!!! *hugs everyone who needs it, and those who don't, I hug them twice!!!*
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