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Uh huh. *tongue in cheek*

I have Eddie Haskell in my house. (Google it, kids.) Let me preface this with the mention that it is POO-HOO-WHORING outside. Hail. Thunder. One of those prairie electrical storms. My son was on his way back from a friend's house - he called - and I ran outside to call him in. (Those storms can quickly become bad - we're under a tornado warning) He comes running to the door, dripping, and a raggedy, sopping wet kid comes up behind him. I give them the look. The "I didn't say you could bring a friend home in a downpour and you're going to wreck my house" look.

The child reads my expression, puts on a contrite face, and tells me how LOVELY I LOOK, and gosh, isn't my house so ATTRACTIVE? Those are his words. The boy is 11. I am currently in a dirty ballcap and tee shirt, having worked in the garden for the most part, and haven't ducked into the shower yet, and there's laundry piled everywhere. Riiiiiiight.

Oh, he's good. He's very good. he's wrapped up in a towel in our gameroom, as I've been informed his mother "knows I'm over here, and she's running errands." Uh huh.

Here's a random song for your trouble, those who read it all. :D Del The Funky Homosapien: Mistadobolina
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