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I got your random RIGHT HERE. *points to brain meat*

1. Just got back from Gunther's with a foot and a half of Vanilla orchid. He was lovely and gave me 18 inches. Ahahahaha. He also made sure it had both a side shoot AND a flower pod. If I can get two flowers, I can grow my OWN VANILLA BEANS, what?! \o/
2. I also came back with three Tillandsias, and they are so pretty and cool.
3. I had lunch (strawberry/spinach/feta/walnut salad) with some old friends, and it was great catching up with them.
4. I redeemed some coupons for free plants today and have THREE FULL FLATS (60 plants) looking at me. FREE!!
5. I have been reading bad!fic and laughing my ASS OFF. Also cringing a lot because BODIES DON'T WORK THAT WAY. (I've got a compilation coming tomorrow)
6. I felt kind of cute today.
7. I'm going to shave my dog. This could be quite the adventure.
8. I forgot what 8 was for but
9. 9, 9 Is that I just remembered I forgot to mail a package to FLAHrida, boo.
10. I have watched: Tsotsi (waaaaaah!!) Young Adam (aka: the movie where Ewan McGregor spanks the hell out of a chick's ass and screws every woman on screen \o/) and The Dreamers. <-- that one isn't going back for a bit. TWINCEST, what?! (And I realized the American Boy is Henry from Dawson's Creek, ahahaha!)
11. Tomorrow I have Blown Away coming, and there may be Corey Haim RPS after viewing. Ahahahaha!
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