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Weekend Wrap Up

Well, you can all breathe a sigh of relief as you didn't get a 5,000 word essay on why I love Baroque music, how important B-Minor is, the significance of a Mass and all its parts, my adoration for the French horn and piccolo trumpets, and how wonderful the harpsichord and Baroque organ sounded. And how I got to sit WITH the choir, and how I could tell when their elocution was off. And how short the conductor was (and how I continued to say LEOPOLD! in my head and go off on a Buggs Bunny mind trip.) So there's that. In short: the symphony was excellent. A few missteps, but over all a wonderful production.

So this production had a countertenor singing. For those not aware, this is a man that sings soprano. It's not a falsetto, it's a man with a very high voice. Lynne: remember when Bart Simpson was in love with Rev. Lovejoy's delinquent daughter, and he's going to swear her off, but as he gets to church, he hears "her" singing her Siren's song? And it's Ned Flander's? And he shudders? Ahahahaha. That's what a counter tenor sounds like. EXCEPT: when paired with an oboe, or the soprano, it's WONDERFUL. See, I told y'all I could go on and on about this stuff! Anf that's the SHORT version.

The in-laws came over yesterday for a BBQ so we could avoid any Easter/Spring dinners with them next weekend. We cooked up a completely unhealthy but gastronomically satisfying meal of surf-n-turf, black bean salad (spicy and yermy), baked grits with sharp cheddar and bacon and creole seasoning, and the ever present fresh veggie plate. I had many mojitos, and as a result, didn't mind all of the subtle digs MiL sent my way. I did however boggle YET AGAIN at her abject fear over EVERYTHING. She freaked out when the kids were jumping on the trampoline, because they were going to break their necks, which reminded her of a job over 40 YEARS AGO working at the Y with a trampoline, and how she still woke up in a cold sweat thinking of the accidents that COULD HAVE happened. (Not did happen, but the potential ones.) I just made the O_O face, shook my head, and told her how that was between her and her God. That's a lot of wasted energy, right there.

All of which means I have delicious left-overs for my lunch today. \o/

A quick religious rant aimed at fundamental literalist Christians based on this video, in which it is "explained" that evolution can not be possible, because when you open a jar of peanut butter, you should have a big bang happen, too. DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN ALL THE FLAWS IN THAT ARGUMENT? I just- *sour face* What on earth, people? Evolution = FACT. Just because you can't see a half-man/half-ape walking around with a briefcase (an ACTUAL ARGUMENT I've heard for proving evolution to be false) doesn't mean it's not in existence. I mean, I've not BEEN to India, but I know it's there. I see, you know, INDIANS. And eat their food. In other words = evidence that it exists, even though I've not personally experienced it. (btw, this is based on an argument I've heard fundy Christians use for evidence that God exists. We see his handiwork, ergo He Is Real.)

The man that made that video, by the way, is a plagiarist, first of all. And people who study biblical history understand that the bible itself went through many changes, interpretations, edits... You can't take it (every story) LITERALLY. But you can take many of the stories FIGURATIVELY. (If you need me to link you to all the inconsistencies left over from the various compilations/interpretations, I will. I offer that as an example of why a LITERAL interpretation is fallible. But the lessons to be learned are good ones, and I personally enjoy many of the teachings/lessons/parables in the bible.)

And um... I mean to say, you CAN believe anything you want. I'm not the boss of you. Except for YOU. You know who you are. Now, get back to work.

PEANUT BUTTER. Good hell. (But who knows! Maybe that next jar of Skippy you open will create a new world! In other words, wear clean underwear and comb your hair - you never know.)

So have some music!

I Touch Roses - Book of Love (because my rose bushes are COVERED in buds, eeeee!)
You Gots To Chill - EPMD (directed at both myself and anyone else who needs the reminder.)

I am going to take a spiral notebook, sit on my rocking chair, and enjoy the birds and the cool weather. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Happy Monday! (And does anyone want me to MSTK the AWESOME movie "Blown Away" starring the Coreys Haim and Feldman? Ahahaha, it was HILARIOUS.)
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