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Weekend Wrap Up

Well, you can all breathe a sigh of relief as you didn't get a 5,000 word essay on why I love Baroque music, how important B-Minor is, the significance of a Mass and all its parts, my adoration for the French horn and piccolo trumpets, and how wonderful the harpsichord and Baroque organ sounded. And how I got to sit WITH the choir, and how I could tell when their elocution was off. And how short the conductor was (and how I continued to say LEOPOLD! in my head and go off on a Buggs Bunny mind trip.) So there's that. In short: the symphony was excellent. A few missteps, but over all a wonderful production.

So this production had a countertenor singing. For those not aware, this is a man that sings soprano. It's not a falsetto, it's a man with a very high voice. Lynne: remember when Bart Simpson was in love with Rev. Lovejoy's delinquent daughter, and he's going to swear her off, but as he gets to church, he hears "her" singing her Siren's song? And it's Ned Flander's? And he shudders? Ahahahaha. That's what a counter tenor sounds like. EXCEPT: when paired with an oboe, or the soprano, it's WONDERFUL. See, I told y'all I could go on and on about this stuff! Anf that's the SHORT version.

The in-laws came over yesterday for a BBQ so we could avoid any Easter/Spring dinners with them next weekend. We cooked up a completely unhealthy but gastronomically satisfying meal of surf-n-turf, black bean salad (spicy and yermy), baked grits with sharp cheddar and bacon and creole seasoning, and the ever present fresh veggie plate. I had many mojitos, and as a result, didn't mind all of the subtle digs MiL sent my way. I did however boggle YET AGAIN at her abject fear over EVERYTHING. She freaked out when the kids were jumping on the trampoline, because they were going to break their necks, which reminded her of a job over 40 YEARS AGO working at the Y with a trampoline, and how she still woke up in a cold sweat thinking of the accidents that COULD HAVE happened. (Not did happen, but the potential ones.) I just made the O_O face, shook my head, and told her how that was between her and her God. That's a lot of wasted energy, right there.

All of which means I have delicious left-overs for my lunch today. \o/

A quick religious rant aimed at fundamental literalist Christians based on this video, in which it is "explained" that evolution can not be possible, because when you open a jar of peanut butter, you should have a big bang happen, too. DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN ALL THE FLAWS IN THAT ARGUMENT? I just- *sour face* What on earth, people? Evolution = FACT. Just because you can't see a half-man/half-ape walking around with a briefcase (an ACTUAL ARGUMENT I've heard for proving evolution to be false) doesn't mean it's not in existence. I mean, I've not BEEN to India, but I know it's there. I see, you know, INDIANS. And eat their food. In other words = evidence that it exists, even though I've not personally experienced it. (btw, this is based on an argument I've heard fundy Christians use for evidence that God exists. We see his handiwork, ergo He Is Real.)

The man that made that video, by the way, is a plagiarist, first of all. And people who study biblical history understand that the bible itself went through many changes, interpretations, edits... You can't take it (every story) LITERALLY. But you can take many of the stories FIGURATIVELY. (If you need me to link you to all the inconsistencies left over from the various compilations/interpretations, I will. I offer that as an example of why a LITERAL interpretation is fallible. But the lessons to be learned are good ones, and I personally enjoy many of the teachings/lessons/parables in the bible.)

And um... I mean to say, you CAN believe anything you want. I'm not the boss of you. Except for YOU. You know who you are. Now, get back to work.

PEANUT BUTTER. Good hell. (But who knows! Maybe that next jar of Skippy you open will create a new world! In other words, wear clean underwear and comb your hair - you never know.)

So have some music!

I Touch Roses - Book of Love (because my rose bushes are COVERED in buds, eeeee!)
You Gots To Chill - EPMD (directed at both myself and anyone else who needs the reminder.)

I am going to take a spiral notebook, sit on my rocking chair, and enjoy the birds and the cool weather. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Happy Monday! (And does anyone want me to MSTK the AWESOME movie "Blown Away" starring the Coreys Haim and Feldman? Ahahaha, it was HILARIOUS.)


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Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
I’ve always wanted to know, what are ‘grits’?
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:16 pm (UTC)
Grits are DELICIOUS. It's basically granulated corn. You boil them in milk/water and make them sweet for breakfast with butter/sugar/cinnamon, or make them savory like I did with spicy seasonings, cheese, shrimp, or what have you.

DELICIOUS. (They fall under the category of "soul food" in the Southern US, along with collard greens, fried chicken/catfish, etc. Basically = yum.) Hee!
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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
WHAT, PEOPLE!? Why you gotta be messing with my girl, huh?? *shakes fist at all the idiots, which takes a very very long time* What's going on with all of these flight changes? How irritating. *hugs*

You rant at me all you want! *pours you a fresh drink with a sprig of mint!*

<3 :(
(Deleted comment)
... - stoney321 - Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:15 pm (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
ANNE - I put that video up there SPECIFICALLY for you and Ron, seriously. The crazy "facts" these people believe! "The food industry depends EVERY DAY on evolution being a fairy tale." !!!

And he TOTALLY had the hair! He also did some very strange things as far as conducting goes (warning! I'm a nerd about this stuff, having drown up in a conductor's home!) but I finally figured out his "language" and it was fun to watch. (Did I mention how my dad and I sat in the CHOIR LOFT?? Very cool. The acoustics were amazing, seeing as we were sitting WITH THE SYMPHONY CHORUS. Whee!)

Well, she's calmed down a bunch, but I swear - I'm on senility watch. She's saying stuff that seems very out of character, even for her. o_0
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
YAY symphony and delicious leftovers. Also? Saturday night I went to see Blades of Glory and it made me sad for Will Ferrell because Jon Heder is just obviously Not As Funny as he is. :(

Also wtf, fundies. Srsly. WTF. I don't get how evolution v intelligent design is such a big goddamn deal to these people, because okay. Nobody is actually SAYING to their faces that religious fundamentalists Are Monkeys. The scientific fact that we are all descended from primates does not impinge on anyone's creativity or intelligence, or their batshittery, or anyone's worth as humans. So WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL. God obviously isn't taking this whole Evolution thing as a personal affront because no one's been struck down dead for preaching it, so, y'know, WHAT. STFU AND GO BE CHRISTLIKE AT SOMEONE. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, UNLEARN YOUTUBE. GO BACK TO THINKING THE INTERNET IS EVIL AND AVOIDING IT AT ALL COSTS.

Also hello yes I am interested in that MST3K. Yes. YAY COREYS.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
SERIOUSLY! Jon Heder is such a one-note, right? I just don't find him funny. Napoleon Dynamite was funny for the words and because we've all made fun of that guy - it's much funnier when quoting with your friends than it was on screen.

And really with the evolution = satan. How about God (for those who believe in him) is smart enough to SET IN MOTION what we have here today? And that Adam (if you want to literally believe a man was made of clay, and hey, maybe that is SHORT HAND for evolution!) was the first non-big-skulled caveman? WHAT.

Also, I will DO that MSTK3 of the Coreys for you, because I want EVERYONE to watch that movie and laugh with me, OH MY GOD.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
The concert sounds amazing. And Leopold? Ha!

Here is my argument against inteligen design:

1. if it was true, babies would not be birthed out of that tiny hole. (I remember when I explained exactly how the baby would come out to A, who was not quite 3. He laughed for five minutes straight with a "you got to be shitting me" look.)

2. testicles would be placed in a more "secure" location

3. eyes would not have a blind spot, since it's an incredibly easy design flaw to fix.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
The concert was AWESOME. I came home talking a mile a minute to my husband who pointed me to LJ. And I spared you all! No, REALLY. :D

AHAHAHAHA to all of your reasons!! That's hilarious. BUT! We were made in his own image, R!! Well, I was. Clearly MEN were made from someone ELSE'S IMAGE. (hahaha.) God: The Ultimate Chameleon.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC)

Intelligent Design. I love that phrase because the arguments in favor are anything but intelligent.

I Touch Roses? Total blast from the past. I LOVE that song.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:46 pm (UTC)
I like how they've PR'd Creationism into something that sounds like it's off a clipboard from Engineers. O_O

Heeee! Man, i LOOOOVED Book of Love! *splatter paints my pegged jeans and dances to the music only I can hear...* Hee!
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Oh, man, I hope I wasn't keeping YOU from going? I know he gets tickets all the time, so just let him know you'd want to! (And he's SO FUN to go with, because a) he's proud of us because we know what to look for in a good choir/conductor and b) he knows everyone, so that's really fun to talk with the soloists, etc. Oh! They had a countertenor! Dude. Very bizarre when you look at this guy and hear a woman's voice come out. I need to add something to the main body of the post...)

I don't think we have any plans for Easter - maybe a BBQ and hanging out, because I'm not all down with the big JC. Maybe you two need to come up and chill?
(Deleted comment)
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Apr. 2nd, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
I really think that's why all that peanut butter was recalled. It's the scientists afraid of the big bang actually happening.

I am happy you had fun at the symphony. Did you wear a hat? WHAT DID YOU WEAR?! I am jealous that you get to do such things. Me? I just partied like I was single and stayed out until 2am and had to have my FRIEND DRIVE ME HOME BECAUSE I WAS IN NO SHAPE TO DRIVE. I'm a rockstar. What is wrong with me? I am STILL paying for my exhaustion today and it's 2 days later. Remember going out every night? I can't do it even once a week. Except last week I did it Thurs and Sat. I went to a Diamonbacks game Thurs with my friend and she had seats 4 rows back from homeplate. We had free EVERYTHING and I took advantage. I am such a rockstar.

But enough about me. Don't those 2 hairy guys from Mexico count as evolution? Honestly I just don't care. My head hurts and I can't think so deeply.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:22 pm (UTC)
I mean, WHAT? PEANUT BUTTER. Because a universe doesn't pop out of your SKippy Chunky jar like those trick snakes, the Big Bang isn't true. Um, the Astrophysicists would like a word with you on Line 2.

I didn't wear a hat! I twisted my hair up into a 'do, and it looked nice! I wore that antique grey/beaded dress that is my "semi-fancy" fall back outfit. The soloists in the production had the most gorgeous dresses on... It was terrific.

Quit being a drunk, omg. Or wait. Lemme catch up! *cracks open a 40 ounce*
... - beadbeauty - Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:46 pm (UTC) - Expand
Apr. 2nd, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
You can't take it (every story) LITERALLY. But you can take many of the stories FIGURATIVELY. (If you need me to link you to all the inconsistencies left over from the various compilations/interpretations, I will. I offer that as an example of why a LITERAL interpretation is fallible. But the lessons to be learned are good ones, and I personally enjoy many of the teachings/lessons/parables in the bible.)

Biblical literalism makes my brain bleed. My dad's a Presbyterian minister and I was raised by and around over-educated theolgians. And from a very, very young age, I had IT'S A METAPHOR drilled into my head. And sometimes the stories are *more* powerful when read as metaphor, but that's something I think the fundies just don't grasp.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:23 pm (UTC)
YES!! Yes yes yes, to everything you said. I mean, full confession: I am an atheist. But! I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home (albeit a Mormon one) and my father is a theologian and lecturer on the biblical circuit.

METAPHOR. LESSONS. PARABLES. Jesus had wonderful things to say, but NO ONE IS LISTENING!! *clings to you, zomg*
Apr. 2nd, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
Do you know what your posts are, my dear? Do you? Do you?

They're eclectic.

Choirs and cavemen and grits, oh my.

Skippy and Feldman and trampoline angst, oh my!

Countertenors and India and Leopold, OH MY!!!

Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:24 pm (UTC)
HEEEEEEE. Man, I'm all over the MAP!

(And seriously: I want everyone to see this crap-tastic movie!! I was howling with laughter the whole time, and feeling funny and confused at a very naked Corey Haim going down on Nicole Eggert. WOW.)
Apr. 2nd, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
is that the one where they sing the church hymn In The Garden Of Eden by I. Ron Butterfly? No. Wait. But it *is* the on with Scotchtoberfest.

that's...all I got.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha, no, hee! I did find this clip that has nothing to do with anything, aside from being awesome: See My Vest!
Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:22 pm (UTC)
Oh dear Jesus on fire, intelligent design. As someone who has to spend a significant portion of her acadamia focusing on the early evolution of man (IT. IS. NOT. A STRAIGHT LINE. YOU RETARDS.) I am starting to hate that phrase so very much. HAAAATE.

Honestly, I just don't get what their fucking problem is. Why does the Bible have to be true? Are they afraid that human beings evolving rather than being all "shaPOW" will make God less cool? Because if you ask me, Him manipulating all those subtle little nuances so we got where we are today is a hell of a lot cooler. Any moron can open a box and take out a fully formed cake. It takes a gourmet artiste to bake it from scratch.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 07:35 pm (UTC)
You are awesome.
The very idea that Creationism (which is what Intelligent Design IS) is being taught as SCIENCE.... GAH. And okay: WHO'S VERSION are you going to teach? Judeo-Christian? Protestant? Catholic? They're not all in agreement! Christ on a cracker.

The other thing is that they're trying to make FAITH FACT. That's the very opposite of what FAITH is! So, okay. Okay! They want to teach Creationism as science? Prove it. Go through the steps scientists have to in order to prove their theorums. Let's see them recreate God's handiwork SCIENTIFICALLY.

Aw, shucks! - demonqueen666 - Apr. 3rd, 2007 05:33 pm (UTC) - Expand
... - 39th_year - Apr. 2nd, 2007 11:23 pm (UTC) - Expand
Apr. 2nd, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
What really scares me/upsets me is that if a highschooler lives in an area where they don't teach evolution, they are missing a HUGE part of biology, which can hurt them on entrance exams to schools and basically any science programs at major universities. Its like while we argue over how stupid these people are, an entire four years of kids will be missing a chunk of knowledge they should be gaining. I'm all for options, but its ridiculous to not teach a major part of any subject.

My mother gets so frustrated with a lot of parents today, because of how paranoid they are. Yeah you don't want your kid to break his neck, but if you tell him repeatedly not to do something, they are still going to do it. We have these barstools at our regular dinner table, and everyone used to yell at my mom for them, saying my brother and I would get hurt. She said that she told us how to sit on them properly and if we were going to play on them anyway, we'd hurt ourselves and learn. And she was right, you can't learn better than from mistakes!

BTW, I LOVED the recipes from one of your other entries. I marked it, and I am definitely making some of the recipes next weekend, so thanks!
Apr. 2nd, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, good! I hope the food works out for you!

And seriously, this "protection from Evil Scientists" mindset is driving me nuts. (Mostly because I have a Science Degree.) I'm horribly offended at Creationism being taught as a science. It isn't a science. It's a faith theory, not unlike angels, miracles, bleeding statues, Mary in tortillas, reincarnation... It's about a feeling you have, not evidence. GAAAAAH!
Apr. 2nd, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
If creationism is being forced to be part of the science curriculum then evolutionary theory should be forced to be part of church sermons.

Also people who try to take a literal stance on the bible, seem to be the ones that shake out all the humanity out of religion. And they smell bad, it's a scientific fact!

The best way to overcome fears is to face them. You need to throw a child up on a trampoline and have them break their neck in front of the MiL. Once she's seen it she'll realize it wasn't so bad after all and she'll be able to move on.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 08:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, though obviously the kid wont be able to move on. Or, you know, move. But whatever! Am I expected to solve everything?!
... - stoney321 - Apr. 2nd, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC) - Expand
... - ex_dovil323 - Apr. 2nd, 2007 10:26 pm (UTC) - Expand
Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:42 pm (UTC)
And people who study biblical history understand that the bible itself went through many changes, interpretations, edits... You can't take it (every story) LITERALLY. But you can take many of the stories FIGURATIVELY.

Here's how it works. I have irrational prejudices, and the bible tells me why everyone who disagrees with me is wrong.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)

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