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Oooh, Laws!

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh! You say it's your birthday? [/Farmer Ted] entrenous88 will get that, because she's AWESOME like that. Happy Birthday! (there's a little sum'in sum'in coming at you later...) I will administer the birthday spankin's upon your arrival here in Texas in a mere three weeks, whoot!

ION, we signed #2, my eldest daughter, up for softball. Last night was the first game against the Ladybugs.

This is the recreational league, specifically chosen for the FUN factor, not the competitive factor. Parents aren't allowed to heckle, be asses, etc., and kids learn first and foremost how to PLAY and have FUN. \o/ That being said, and also throwing in that this is the first year of play for 75% of my kid's team (the 9-10 year old division, aka 3rd and 4th grades.)

HOLY CRAP THE OPPOSING TEAM'S PITCHER. Now. 1) we didn't realize it was FAST PITCH softball. (for those who don't know, that's the underhand pitch that is SO BAD ASS and only in girl's league. I'd like to see some boys attempt that.) 2) I didn't realize a 10 year old could be 5' 6"!!! I am not exaggerating. I casually walked past her and my kid greyed and nodded, "yep, she's as tall as Mom."

She got up on the pitcher's plate (they don't use mounds) and threw a practice pitch. The WHOLE STADIUM OooooOOOooh'ed. 10 years old, and can throw at 50 MPH. Um... She had SIGNALS for her catcher! They all had signals! The wipe, rub, thumb, clapclap signals! (Random: my husband and I do this around his mother all the time, like we're talking about her surreptitiously. The final clapclap is key, hahahaha.)

Needless to say, the Blaze (my kid's team) lost. But! They had fun, and my kid got two fouls and a baseline hit off this monster, so \o/, again I say \o/. Hee! #2 has a definite ability to throw, we just need to show her how to choke up on the bat a bit more for control, and she's going to be terrific. (I mean, she IS terrific already, but there's nothing wrong with getting better.)

Emily and I are off to the dentoost to make her pearlies more... pearly. I want a strawberry, spinach, bleu cheese salad today. Hmmm.
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