Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone


I meant to post this morning, but life got away from me. For those worried about the tornadoes here, there were no touchdowns in my neighborhood, although some places south and west of us got absolutely pounded. I've never seen hail that large (even though I only saw it on screen = the size of a half dollar!! One man's car looked like someone jumped on it with a pogo stick - it can kill you when it's that size.) We didn't even get a drop of rain, as we were under the north wall of the funnel cloud front, and everything drops from the southern wall. (Tornadoes are cool. And scary.)

I got some amazing photographs of the clouds forming, however, and through a retelling of "The 3 Little Pigs" gwas able to get my Emily to go to sleep without nightmares. (Huffed and puffed, but they couldn't blow the house of bricks down.) Next time I'll have to use the Wizard of Oz...

I'm behind on a million things, so I wish you all a happy Tuesday! WEDNESDAY, i is s-m-r-t!!
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