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pre-holiday list

  • This made me laugh out loud several times. I want a "Rod of Iron" for exercising, too. Oh, The Onion. How do you please me so thoroughly? *beams*
  • I have decided to stop submitting things to McSweeny's as they STILL don't accept Gmail accounts on their servers, and I'm tired tired TIRED of getting "we tried, and we can't deliver" messages, thinking they've accepted something.
  • (I submitted this Easter Parody song again - tried last year, too.) WHATEVER, McSWEENY'S. Get with the times, and the times are Google. (You're based in SF, for Pete's sake!)
  • I have bookmarked this post for all the awesome SpringSmut fics in the HP fandom (she knows good fic)
  • Mr. S left early this morning to come home and help me with all the stress from this week (bullying reared its ugly head again yesterday, and I almost grabbed a BAT to hunt down the little 10 year old bastard) and I love him very very much. *sings Love Of My Life to heem*
  • Friday Night Lights was on last night and I have re-watched three times already. If you aren't watching, you should be. Season finale next week. They also just won a Peabody Award.
  • Tonight is new Comedy, aka The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Andy Richter PI. I am very happy about that.
  • I have plans to rewatch "Blown Away" and MSTK3 it, because I want everyone to share my pain joy!!
  • PocketHal has helped me decide to have a drink today. And not touch him. Dave.
  • Shouldn't we all have a pajama party and wear our most comfy jammies and eat bad food and watch The Neverending Story and Sixteen Candles and braid each other's hair and do mud masks and put the bra of the first person that falls asleep in the freezer? And have booze? Or really really good juice boxesdrinks? We can all teach ourselves that new dance, too! Hahaha.
  • we are doing (blissfully) nothing on Easter Sunday because as Lee will tell you, we are Heathens. Hurray! Okay, I will cook something. And we'll have chocolate. Just like Our Lord ate. And I'll buy things on sale, just like the Apostles did. ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW?don't kill me, Lee!

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