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Hump Day already?

Man, things have been... rough. Okay, in comparison to other people's troubles, they've been merely bumpy, but for me: rough. To the point that my dentist (tooth cleaning on Monday) told me I may need to get a mouth guard because I'm wearing away my back teeth from clenching. O_O And.... relax. *exhaaaaaaaale* (thank you to everyone from that last post. I'm trying to move past some stuff, so I may not reply. But I appreciate the support like you wouldn't believe.)

My way to deal with the current stresses life sent my way is to paint my kitchen. As in, the cabinets. All 48 of them. What on EARTH AM I THINKING? Okay, they're an ugly cherry color, which could be fine in many kitchens, but coupled with the beige (yuck) walls and beige countertops... A whole lot of blah. I SUCK at stripping (unless there's a pole, ba-dump-bum-CHING!) so I decided to paint them. Um... Mr. S specifically said when I posed the idea to him a few weeks ago that he was AGAINST painting. Oh, well. I have to look at it every day, so I make the decisions. :D (The cabinetry is being painted a deep, high gloss chocolate brown. The walls are getting painted a muslin color - faint yellows and creams - accented with a grey-green-khaki color. That sounds weird, but trust me! The color chips are GORGEOUS. (If I didn't suck at taking pictures I would post some.)

I keep repeating lines from "Pulp Fiction" while I paint (with a brush! It's all with a brush! it's going to be beautiful! <--convincing myself)

"Shit yeah. I got my technique down and everything, I don't be ticklin' or nothin'." Tickling = glops, drips, visible brush strokes. Isn't this EXCITING? Um.. the whole point is LACK of excitement. There's enough all around as there is.

Oh! So who dat is? Anna's Baby's Daddy! If you'd like a skeevier version (don't act like you don't.) you can read this. :D Also, Don Imus is a prick - I gasped when I read what he called those girls, and I am SO PROUD of the Rutger's ball team. And can we all agree that GIRL athletes are COMPLETELY different from BOY athletes? (theory: because they can't make it rich by playing sports professionally, they develop other successful skills as well, allowing them to be more well rounded than boy athletes.)

In conclusion: OM. (and tonight is the FNL season finale!! TUNE IN AT 7PM, on NBC!)
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