Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Why A Bush White House will destroy what's left of America and the World

Sorry to be so melodramatic, but GODAMN!  He just can't win again.  </a></b></a>itsabigrock  has asked to be spammed with your reason for votinf the way you are, or why you aren't, etc.  But you HAVE to vote.  There are only a few weeks left to register, if you haven't already.  As a Texan, I've dealt with Bush for 3 years longer than most of you.  Here are my reasons (and data to back it up) why I am voting AGAINST Bush this election.  Head over to Tania's page to voice your concerns there, too.  Hit me with your best shot. And no cut, because I want you to be forced to read it!!

1. Koch Industries (appropriate, no?) is a giant oil conglomerate that has given $3M to the RNC, and almost $4M to Congress in direct lobbying. When Bush took office, the Justice Department dropped almost all criminal charges against them for concealing the illegal discharge of Benzene, a known carcinogen. They had also been sued for stealing millions of barrels of oil, worth $170M from Federal and Native American lands. Again, all charges were dropped and no one served time.

2. Bush cut OSHA's funding so they can only visit 2% of our nation's workplaces each year. OSHA has now cancelled standards for a group of chemicals known to cause miscarriages.

3. Bush's White House cut the FBI's funds by 2/3. John Ashcroft (who annoints his employees in oil and has daily prayer with them) cut their requests for computer networking, foreign language intercepts, and eliminated their request for collaborative capabilites. He recommended cuts in counter terrorism on September 10, 2001.

4. Bush appointed a wacko to head an FDA panel on women's health. This man believes in prayer for treatment of PMS and says birth control promotes promiscuity. This man is who is keeping the morning after pill (or, Plan B) from women all over the US.

5. WIC (women, infants and children) is being cut by $122M, HeadStart by $177M, and same for national Science Foundation. The Defense Dept gets $427.7 Billion.

6. Bush set up a provisional government in Iraq and $8.8 BILLION is unaccounted for. They have 74,000 guards on payroll, but only 603 are known to exist.

7. Bush is revamping the welfare system so those on the welfare-worker program no longer gain a paycheck for their work. They just get their services compensated by their job. (If they don't make money, how can they get off welfare? And DEMOCRATS are enablers?)

8. Bush didn't listen to 68% of American who wanted the ban on assault weapons extended, including 2000 member of police and law enforcement, and the Brady institute showed that AW crime went down 66% after the ban was in place.

9. Bush has allowed the loggers to take over our forests and not worry about plant or animal life. The bill enabling them to "thin out" our nation's forests and kill whatever is in their path was paid for by the Timber/Logger lobbyists.

10. Bush wants to spend $6.8 BILLION on EARTH PENETRATING NUCLEAR WEAPONS. I believe we have found the WMDs, and they are being made in our own back yard.

For over 100 more reasons why Bush should NOT BE RE-ELECTED, visit here: where everything is footnoted to help further prove why he is so bad for everything and everyone globally.

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