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Crackpot theories for HP Book the Seventh

Spoilers for up to Book 6, but as I'm still re-reading GoF, it's mainly focusing on books 1-4.

There obviously are more Animagi than just the 7 registered.  Did Hermione see the list of all of them when looking up Rita Skeeter?  Or just see that SHE wasn't on the list?  Because:
  • Dumbledore could be a phoenix (hence the crypt bursting into flames)
  • Granny Longbottom could be Neville's TOAD.  (Wouldn't that be awesome?  And she keeps getting "lost" because she's checking on conditions/searching for his missing things, etc?  Hee!)
  • Lilly Potter could have attempted to be one, too, when she learned James' had done it.  (I mean, come on.  He was SUCH a braggart.)
  1. Did anyone else catch that Malfoy bragged in CoS that there was a secret chamber ("we have our own chamber of secrets") under Lucius' drawing room floor?  More horcruxes will likely be found there, I assume.
  2. I still think that Hogwarts is a horcrux.  Which means the school will have to be destroyed.  :(  (Think back on how much magic is in the walls, etc.  And how Dumbledore said Voldemort was obsessed with things pertaining to the school.)
  3. I read a theory that the Weasleys are the Heir of Gryffindor, which makes me glad in my heart.
  4. I think Molly will die in book 7, which is SOUL CRUSHING.  (JKR has a thing about killing mothers.  I think Narcissa will die, too.)
  5. We're all agreed that Justin Finch-Fletchley is obviously gay, right?  I mean, he was fangirling Lockhart!  Hahaha.
  6. Or maybe Harry is Godwin Godrich's heir...  That would be cool, too.  WHich could further my OTHER theory that HARRY is a horcrux, which means he'll have to die, which makes me sad.
  7. Or Harry won't die, Neville will, because JKR likes killing innocent good people.  :((((
  8. I see all sorts of fascination in fanfic, forums, etc. with wandless magic and how difficult it must be, which makes me laugh because Harry's been doing that since he was little.  (Glass disappearing in the Snake House, blowing up his Aunt, etc.) and Hagrid asks him if he ever "caused something to happen when he was mad" so clearly it's not rare.  Hmm.
  9. A HUGE deal is made of picking out wands, or rather, the wands picking the magician, and how if you use someone ELSE'S wand, you won't get the proper/best results.  So Ron uses Charlie's wand for year 1-2, and is clearly a mediocre student as a result.  (Especially when he's using a broken wand in Book 2)  Why did Charlie get a new wand?  Is this even significant?  I posit that EVERYTHING in the books is important, because she doesn't let any mundane info remain mundane for long.
  10. Has Crookshanks ever been around Snape?  (That's how you could find out if we should Trust Snape or is Snape is a bad bad man.)
  11. Dumbledore makes a point in Book 3 to tell Harry that letting Peter Petigrew go free (and saving his life) will come back in a good way later.  Obviously this is going to tie them together in a way that might prevent Voldemort from killing Harry.  (Maybe Peter will have to be sacrificed instead?)
  12. If saving a wizard's life binds them together, then Ron/Harry/Hermione are bound in the same way, as is Ginny to Harry.

Is it June 21 yet?  *reads like a fiend*
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