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For anyone that knows me, you know I'm a big believer in leaving as little a footprint on this earth as possible. I conserve, recycle, compost, walk instead of drive if possible, xeriscape, educate others on water conservation, etc... I'm not perfect, but I try. Ever since I saw "An Inconvenient Truth" I've been panic stricken about the damage we're doing to the earth.

And then I watched this, produced by the UK's Channel 4. (Which apparently is controversial? Hmm. Make the decision for yourself which is truth.)<-- eta

According to the doc: We are not screwing up the world. Well, specifically, the rise in industry - therefore, the rise in CO2 - is not creating super storms, an ice age, a desert on this earth. Volcanoes put out more CO2 than all the factories of the world combined. This period of higher temps in summer, etc. are natural, and they cite a period during Chaucer's time where vineyards grew in England as far north as the Lowlands. Our weather is generated by the sun (count sun spots, and you can predict the weather, shown irrefutably, actually), which causes cosmic rays that hit our atmosphere, which generates clouds, which controls the earth's temperature. CO2 does NOT cause a change in the atmosphere's temperature, and they illustrate this with many lovely charts, from many different sources.

One thing I found particularly unsettling was how the IPCC - the outfit that literally wrote The Book On Global Warming - is made up of 2500 names - not all are scientists. In fact, many are government officials, aides, etc. Many scientists, and my FiL backed this up (he's a former NASA geologist) left the organization when they saw that the data was being manipulated to fulfill a political goal, or outright lied about. Their names were kept on the record as having gone along with the report. !!! RED FLAG.

See, if we create a panic, then people send money for research, and there were 10,000 jobs created around the world for this project. Ahhhh. Money. I see.

So yes, we need to stop depending on oil. We shouldn't throw our garbage out of our windows. We shouldn't put money into COAL. Because those things deplete our resources and are dirty, and I don't want to breathe in coal. But by driving our cars, or flying in planes, or running our AC, we are NOT causing the Apocalypse. We didn't cause Katrina. What else did they say we did? Oh, we're melting the polar ice caps.

DAMMIT, I love data that backs stuff up. This is an EXCELLENT documentary, presented BY scientist, not a spokesman that didn't understand how atmosphere works (which was Gore's big wammo.)

I still fervently believe that we should not be such voracious consumers, that pollution should be curtailed, and alternative forms of oil energy need to be developed. I do not, however, think we will fall into an ice age any time soon. Nor do I believe that mankind is controlling the weather. (And how egotistical is that, really?) The overwhelming amount of information in this hour long film is heartening.

I love such well documented SCIENCE. *pets the data* Had a convo with my FiL and he concurs with the statements made by his fellow scientists in this film. (MIT, The International Weather Foundation, etc. etc.) And now, back to the scrubbing of the house, for I have guests coming, huzzah! And most likely singing various songs in my Al Gore voice, because it makes me laugh.
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