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HELLO! *squish*

I have woken up to a quiet house, and am sad, for I have had an entrenous88 all weekend, and it was fantastic. For those of you who know EntreNous, she's just an absolute DELIGHT. You can talk to/with her for hours on end about everything under the sun, which is made of sunshine and perfection.

Got Entre from the airport Saturday morning (a little late, but her flight came early! How is that possible!?) and there was much bouncing and hugging. Headed back to the 'burbs with a side trip to what USED TO BE one of my favorite restaurants for a spot of lunch. Man, have they changed their menu, and not in the good way. Plus, the waiter was ridiculously bad. Welcome to my town! *headdesk* EntreNous and I were laughing about how bad he was, so that was funny.

Back to Casa de Stoney and all the chillens, the mister, and the pets, who quickly realized that if they begged EntreNous for pets/love, she would provide. Awwww! My Sally-derg was constantly with the soulful eyes and "pet me! LOVE ME!" every waking minute, and as she didn't seem to mind... YAY.

The mister left for his business trip Sunday, so Entre and I took the kids to lunch and then to the CANDY STORE. We turned their sugary hides out upon the neighborhood, settled in with some soda pop (of which she is a connoisseur) and watched "Bring It On" which means I had a great time. Little secret: as a Texan, I love cheerleading. Big shocker, right? *G* What was fun about that was slashing/shipping all of the characters as we watched it. I fully expect to find a fandom out there with loads of great fic. Or wait for EntreNous to start writing some, hahahaha.

She'd been sick leading up to the visit, so we had a more low-key visit, which was perfect. Lots of lounging in the sunshine (she got a little sunburned, so sorry, my china-skinned friend!!) and talking about everything under the sun: academia, the literary world, Harry Potter, BtVS, how pretty various actors are, politics... You name it. \o/

Monday we shipped the kids off to school and lounged in a quiet house for the morning, gabbing some more, then took ourselves for some book shopping (whoot! I got some pathology diagnostic books - botany, duh - and a book on the minds of serial killers, ooooh. And other things - dry scientific texts about plants/taxonomy. NERD ALERT.) and some more Mexican food, this time a better experience. I realize how easy I have it with the BFF, a vegetarian, because she mostly lives on bread. Which you can get anywhere. Entre said she didn't mind that she only had a few choices at some places, but still. I wanted to be downtown where the Hare Krishna vegan eateries are, or something, but what can you do? She seemed to not mind, so I take it on faith!

Oooh, she introduced me to Coke Zero CHERRY FLAVORED. Um, that's pretty damn tasty, y'all.

The kids got back from school, we got Entre packed and all piled in the family car and took her back to the airport. WAAAAAAAAH. You know how great it is to have a friend that you can just relate to? That you can just talk to about any topic and have a great and interesting conversation? And also watch a silly movie about cheerleading and laugh and have fun, and it sparks ideas for writing? IT'S AWESOME, THAT'S WHAT IT IS.

I <3 EntreNous. We loved having her here, but I bet she's so glad to get back to the quiet life with TFMN and her Frankie "Mreeeooow" Cat. :D

And god (of your choice) help me, southernbangel is coming this Thursday for a visit. Hide the children and the Mister!! Ahahahahaha.

I've missed some VERY IMPORTANT BIRTHDAYS: moosesal and slasheuse, and it makes me feel terrible that I did so, as they are two of my most favorite people around. Sal is so much fun, so snarky and sarcastic, loves the hotness (is the hotness), writes fantastic RPS (she really gets how men interact with each other) and is doing the 3 Day with me this fall!! In other words, she's fantastic. Sophie is one of my most favorite house guests I've ever had, not to mention Brits. She's astoundingly clever, so fun, cuter than a bug in a rug (or a speckledy pup), one-half of one of my most favorite lesbian couples (or any couple for that matter) and writes scorching and eloquent fanfic, when she can be persuaded. (Harry Potter and PotC.) All the best to both of you, and forgive me for forgetting!!

In regards to the Buffy Comic/Season 8 mini-wank that broke out over the weekend, while I applaud the clever and level headed liz_marcs and janedavitt's responses, I have to admit I gave up thinking the troll deserved any considerationwhen I read her comment:

"4) I also have a copy of a Biological paradigm of Vampires in Sunnydale (one that is actually done by someone with biological knowledge on the subject." (emphasis mine)

I'll give you a second to find the GAPING HILARIOUS FLAW. Biology: the study of LIFE. Vampires: DEAD. Also, NOT REAL. (Anyone think she's referring to a copy of "Paranormal Activity and The Schlubs Who Bust Them" by Dr. Peter Venkman? And have you seen Ghostbusters enough to get that joke? HEE!) ...and now I think that a Ghostbusters/BtVS crossover would be AWESOME. Just me? I'm okay with that. *adds to "to be written" list*

And Liz laughing at this n00b because she's had WRITING COURSES?! Ahahahahahaha. Best. Thing. Ever. (For those who don't know, Liz is a PROFESSIONAL WRITER/JOURNALIST of several years. I love this troll.)

Okay, I missed LOADS over the past week. Feel free to link me, as the thought of skip=500+ is making me cry. HI HI HI!!!!!
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