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the sun is shining, the tank is clean...

Oh My God.  My husband has been kidnapped and replaced with a better version.  Whu-huh-who?  you may be asking.  Me, too.  He got back from his trip last night and Gave.  Me.  Money.

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This is the man that asks, do we REALLY need to ge the kids shoes?  Can't we eat rice and beans every night?  Then calculates the cost of eating canned tuna each night and expects me to duplicate dinner every night for $2.73.  For a growing family of 5.  It's nice to pay bills ahead of time, to pay towards retirement and know we will never be thrown out of our home, but A GIRL'S GOTTA SHOP.
I am so not that girl, BTW.  So, I'm thinking of what to spend my money on, and this should give you a peek into a dorkiness:
1. fabric to make window treatments for my number 3's room.
2. fabric to make big squishy pillows for my number 2's room
3. a sack of bulbs for my spring garden
4. maybe a CD - BUT WHO???????
I have books, I hate buying clothes and shoes, don't wear jewelry, don't wear makeup, spent crazy mad dollars on hair stuff, cause people?  Leo.  It's ALL about my hair.  So?  I am a nerd and buy things to give me chores.  Wheee!

Interesting thing about New Orleans right now: he says the water tastes awful, so everyone is buying bottled to have something to drink.  And a bottle of water costs almost 3 bucks.  Fuckers.  Taking advantage of people suffering from the hurricane!  Horrible, horrible people.


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