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No walking/exercising for me today as it's raining. So I read. Which is nice, because I'm getting to where I'm feeling thin - stretched, that is. Meetings yesterday with the school, errand running, go go go all day, and my fifth straight night of not falling asleep until 1:30, which sucks as I get up about 6am. SO. TIRED. I walked 8 miles yesterday, too, so I want: a) sleep b) a massage and c) a strawberry shake from Sonic. I think I can manage one of them today... (Also, I'm grinding my teeth in my sleep and having intense and detailed dreams that make me wake up exhausted. Too much on my brain, I think. like all the religion books coming out right now and I may have missed the boat on this book I'm writing and how do I sell it and what do I dooooo??? Wah. End emo.)

So when I can't sleep, I get to go through my "To Be Read" folder on Two of these I still need to leave fb on, my bad, but I WILL. And if you read them, you should, too. You're getting free entertainment, people, and it's high quality entertainment at that. Read and feed. Takes two seconds to say "this was great" or "I loved this" or "squeeeee! OMFG haf mi bbs" but you shouldn't do that last one, because it makes you look sofa king wee todd it. :)

Buffyverse: By cityphonelines, The Hours of Time a Xander-centric (and scary) gen-fic. BEFORE YOU SCROLL because you're all about the porn, or anti-Xander or something, please note that I think Vinnie is one of the best gen writers in fandom. She doesn't get the love she deserves, imo. (Go check out any of her post NFA fics if you need further proof.) It starts off giving you the feeling it's just a slice of life. If you don't hang on to the end, it's like walking out of "The Sixth Sense" before the end. Takes place during "Conversations With Dead People."

By entrenous88 the sequel to Safer (and seriously. Dark sexy creepy awesome story that needs to be read) called Look Out. Let me explain what it is about Jess' fic that makes it fucking awesome: she makes you smell, see, taste and touch everything. She should be writing screenplays, because her fics read like a movie in your head. No flowery prose, no unnecessary descriptions to show off a new vocabulary word, just fantastic writing that makes your brain work. This girl tells you VIVID STORIES, and I can offer no higher compliment than that. (Do you want four paragraphs of simile and metaphor about trees, or do you want something to happen? Exactly.)

Friday Night Lights (and man, I don't read this fandom because the show is too shiny and wonderful) BUT. Haters To The Left by honey_wheeler. Julie/TIM. You read that right. And y'all should know I'm a Matt Saracen kind of girl. UNGH. Lovely lovely, but I've yet to read a fic by her that I've not found to be excellent, so. Not long, which will make you shake your fist when it's over. Always a sign of good writing, imo. And it made me want to make out with brandil's pictures of Tim Riggins. Okay, I always want to make out with Tim Riggins. Haha.

The Office, Things To Do In Scranton When You're Dead by kyrafic, another solid writer. Let me preface this with how I think this is an impossible scenario: Jim/Karen/Ryan. Now throw that away and read some abso-freaking-lutely wonderful character voices with humor and snark and joy and nervousness and misunderstanding. Such a fun story. I think a lot of writers in this fandom Mary Sue themselves into Jim or Pam's character, and it's irritating to me. This story is like these characters wrote themselves into a threeway. HAHAHAHA!! It's THEM. I love that.

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, Chapter 6 by tacks which is, in my opinion, the GREATEST SPARRINGTON TALE EVER WRITTEN. And it hasn't been finished for TWO YEARS. I thought we'd never get more, and *sobs* we did! \o/ If you haven't read this, clear several hours in your day - it's novel length. Thank me later. It took me... 500 words for me to really fall in when I started, she does some funky things with formating that will become clear as you read it, but TRUST ME. Absolutely gorgeous, adult, heartbreaking, sexy - my GOD the sexy, and just utterly spectacular tale. [Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 5.2] OH MY GOD I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY, AHHH! It's everything that makes that pairing work for me. EVERYTHING. Oooh, I want to read Jack/James porn all day now. I cannot, but what a GREAT IDEA.

ATTN Flist: I would like your recs to excellent HP fic, please. My only request is that it is GOOD, thanks, pairing matters not. And i just got a book from UPS, "Mormon Polygamy: A History" and I totally want it to be "Hogwarts: A History" because I'm a dork. Ha.
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