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We interrupt your late Friday afternoon with the following request:

SO. *clasp hands* Where's the Johnny Depp/River Phoenix slash? Because it's practically canon. ALSO: River Phoenix/Michael Stipe IS canon, I've learned. !! Any ideas? Any links? ilu, if you have some.

omg I have so much to do and yet I've been reading old magazines for info on late 80s stars and thinking of ways to make an entire universe of sleaze and rock and sex with Johnny Depp, Winona, River, Ed Furlong, The Coreys, Scott Baio, Samantha Morton, Keifer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Charlie Sheen etc. WHAT THE HELL, ME? I don't have TIME for this. *does anyway*

Finally, and this is coming from someone who wrote Anna Nicole Smith and her SON, this Coreys fic for the Kinkathon I'm writing is like... the sleaziest thing I've ever written. Remind me to never sign up for any ficathons ever again. All I want is to sleep and I can't!! *cries* I'm waiting for the laptop to be free so I can rip a bunch of images and upload here. Yes, they're Haim's. And yes, he has a GLORIOUS ass. (Let's not think of him now with his teeth on eBay, okay? Or how he agreed to have sex with a fan so he could EAT. Oh, Corey.)

Note to moosesal: can you still beta this weekend-Monday, and do you want a copy of "Dream a Little Dream?" Ahahaha. But seriously?
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