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Bad day, but getting better

Messes. Greasy, crumbly messes. Everywhere. It's the children. They are trying to break me. They hide filthy wrappers and dirty clothes and sit and giggle while I try to locate "that smell." My nose hurts. Figure out that the three year old peed on the carpet in her room. She "didn't like the bathroom today."

Cat box is out of control. Vaccum bag is full. There's a fly buzzing in the window. I want to lay waste to this house and make it clean with fire. Husband takes torch and gasoline away from me. Fire pretty. No, he says. Fire bad. Hands me new concoction. Calls it Tropical Depression. It is FUCKING tasty. I go look at Charisma Carpenter pics on karabair's post. Get handed new drink, named "Charisma Nipple" by panting husband. Is tasty. Am drinking lots of different things.

No longer care about the mess. Wonderful man I swore to love is cleaning the house. Have new list of fics to read from crzaydiamondsue. Life is still good.
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