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Random: the monarch eggs have hatched from the host plants in my back beds and are happily working on the dill I planted for them. 27 weetiny caterpillars are now reduced to less than 12. We're taking a "photo record" of them for our family's amusement. (I'm blaming the Mocking birds for the missing 'pillars.) We've got some late-migrating hummers flitting about the backyard, too. Which means the cats stay in. Which means the Mocking birds are winning. *shakes fist*

For my seester: Radio? We don't need a radio! Ready? MOCK! Yeah! ING! YEAH! BIRD! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I'm sorry, but Dumb and Dumber makes me laugh so hard things come out of my nose.

The full body point when the mobster chokes on his jalapeno burger. The unnecessary force used when Lloyd hurls (with all his might) a snowball in whatsherface's face. The whole entirety of the dream sequence, especially the kung-fu scene. Jeff Bridges trying to sound out the word "the" and failing. "You hear that? WE LANDED ON THE MOON!" Those MOONBOOTS Carrey's wearing when he gets out of the Ferrari! Peeing while riding the "hog." The snot masks they end up with. Aspen, California. The tap dance Carrey does when he picks the "right" tuxedo. Them wacking the hell out of each other with their canes. THAT THEY CHOSE CANES. Oh, comedy: how you please me.

First and foremost, I am really sad the show is gone. I think it picked up its old steam these last few episodes, and now? WAAH. Last night had some excellent character moments in it, and while it left me flat, I think its more that it's over than not delivering. I love that so much was left in the air, just like I hate that so much was left in the air. Rob Thomas sure studied his Joss Whedon, didn't he?

But really, I think it was a good way to end (even though the fan in me wants more more more.) The more things changed, the more things stayed the same. The sub-plot of The Castles was a bit irritating at first until I got it: the rich and the powerful will always win. It's freaking NFA, but sub. rich for evil. The importance is that the good (downtrodden) keep chipping away. There was some real nastiness in last night's ep, too. That guy that was Connected? And Logan getting back some of his own? That was one of the best moments: Logan getting back to who he was. "You're gonna die." "Someday, yeah." *smirk* THERE HE IS!!!

The Dick/Mac scene was SO FUNNY. I loved that Dick was allowed to grow a bit, too. I only wish the actor was more intelligent/thoughtful, so those scenes could have resonated more. It's like getting an actor that knows how to sing play a person who can't - Dick's actor needed to be deeper so he could really sucker punch us with those scenes, imo.

And Veronica and Daddy Mars... Still the best dad/daughter team on TV since Faith and the Mayor. Oh, KEITH. The sabotaging the evidence? Veronica, if you only TALKED TO HIM. She never learned that, did she? And while that's unsatisfying, that's also incredibly real. She is only 19 after all. I loved her flashing her badge all the time, too. Heee!

I'll need to watch the whole 2 hours over again to let it sink in - it's done. Just when it was getting back to what made me love it in the first season.

My buddy Alison is coming over for coffee in a bit, and I'm still in my robe. LAY-ZEE. (Also, I found my script from Saturday's Warrior and I'm having a field day with the Mormon Propaganda musical of hilarity and bzuhment. \o/ Still writing...) Happy Hump Day!
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