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Pirates and my To Do list

I don't think I'm wanting to see the new Pirates movie after all the hinting around online. floweringjudas? I think I'm with you. (Except for boycotting HP7 - are you insane? Hahaha, I kid.) DO NOT SPOIL ME, PEOPLE, OR I WILL GO BANANAS. But seriously, Norrington was the most fleshed out character (taking in to consideration the deleted scenes, which UNFORTUNATELY, we fangirls have to, thanks Ted-n-Terry) in the whole series. And... they forgot who their characters were! We had hope in Dead Man's Chest that more of Norrington's nobility and sense of honor would be showcased after all: he's the Han! (Sometimes Sparrow is the Han, I mean, he even has a bucket of bolts! Ahahaha. Ahem.) If you'll indulge me for a minute (or scroll on by) here's why Norrington is ESSENTIAL to the plot/themes:

  • Without a moral compass (Norrington) you have no reason to care what motivates the pirates/their actions.

  • Without Norrington and his sense of duty (to the subjects of the crown), there's no counter to Sparrow's sense of duty (and he has one - it's to himself.)

  • Norrington and Sparrow are on the same coin - opposite sides, but the same coin

  • Honestly, I don't think anyone freaking CARES if Will/Elizabeth struggle to "make it work." AGAIN. We all know they'll be the Happily Ever After and we'll sigh and roll our eyes when it happens (or bite our lips if Orlando is half naked and sweaty.) That was accomplished better than anything that can be done in this movie by Norrington sacrificing his own happiness for her sake in PotC1.

  • You can't have snarky banter without Norrington being true to his sense of duty and Sparrow niggling at that. They're the Angel/Spike of the pirate world!

  • Norrington is almost as accomplished with the blade as Will is (in canon), so you can't have an awesome duel without Norrington. See: rolling ball sword fights part one and two in DMC.

  • JACK. DAVENPORT. I'm sorry, sometimes I like to say his name loudly. Then watch scenes from This Life where he's naked and tied to a bed. Rawr.

  • Big explosions do not equal big moments. Give us the kiss we know has been building between Sparrow and Norrington for years, thanks. Hahahahaha. RIGHT. >:(

I'm going to get my heart broken, aren't I? Damn you, Ted-n-Terry. Well, that's why we have fanfiction, huh? *sticks to PotC tags online, woe*

  • make ortho appointment for the boy
  • clean the house - no really, Laura. Stop reading books/frittering about. CLEAN.
  • oppress by existing DONE.
  • read a book and ignore the housework
  • finish that bad flower bed and get the plants in before you leave on vacation
  • get Em new shoes
  • walk Sally BoBally
  • turn in that FREAKING COREYS MOVIE TO NETFLIX, sheeeeesh. I mean, I've had it for MONTHS. How sad am I? Don't answer that.
  • call Tiff - catch up
  • finish The Sopranos - OMG DON'T SPOIL ME, I've only seen three episodes of this last stretch, gaaaaaah!
  • walk away from the computer NOW.

  • Now. DO IT.

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